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Accelerated Dilation of Time

Updated: Dec 27, 2022

Due to the gravitational effects of time dilation, the conscious manifestation of our desires currently takes place at a faster rate.

The passage of time is not so much the passage of "time" as it is the experience of our waking life in an accelerated state.

There are no ticking seconds like on the hands of a clock, but rather, the moment to moment fruition of our eternal experience exists as the thing accelerating; therefore, our conscious decisions about our most personal desires are the thing actually quickening.

Because of the aforementioned physical process working on what we perceive as "time", our actions have more impetus than ever due to current positioning in the universal construct.

Precisely the reason for unprecedented distractions taking place in the entertainment (entrainment) complex, this time exists as it never has before.

That means you exist in such a way that has never before been experienced by humans, nor their enemies.

Such time frames as the one we are currently experiencing, come with a certain level of unpredictability, due to increased energy and participation, much unlike previous human epochs, giving the natural courage and the unnatural humility.

Again, we are met with the reason for mysterious and unprecedented level of distraction protocols working against earth humans due to the nature of our collective intent as it experiences said acceleration.

If you are still capable of original thought, join me in calming the mind, soothing the emotions, identifying our most precious desires and then consciously manifesting them on a moment to moment basis.

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