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Analysis of mask usage

Updated: Apr 4, 2023

Many cities with very high mask compliance still had terrible infection rates during the height of the pandemic. One of the most masked parts of the country, California, still had trouble dealing with the virus and had terrible overall numbers in Sacramento, San Francisco and Los Angeles. Why?

Supposedly, masks are not meant to prevent personal infection, but rather to "prevent the spread". When we examine the data in these highly masked areas, we are met with several contradictions that seriously call into question the efficacy and ethics of mask mandates.

Additionally, plastic mask usage has been associated with the inhalation and contamination of lung tissue by micro plastic fibers. Microplastics have been found to be a contributing factor in serious Covid infections and long-Covid symptoms.

Mask usage, in general, has also been found to quite possibly facilitate bacterial pneumonia from the proliferation of viruses on the surfaces of masks that are then inhaled directly into the lungs. The surface of masks, as they are being worn by people, are both moist and heated to temperatures that provide for the growth of a variety of cellular cultures, especially viruses.

Several prominent Covid researchers have famously claimed that despite their high levels of mask usage, they still contracted the virus due to ocular infection (infection through the eyes). The human eye ball essentially acts as a perfect petri dish: soft, moist and a relatively high stable temperature that can promote the growth of a variety of cellular cultures, including viruses.

Indeed, several Covid studies have found that small sized bits of the virus are floating about on pollution particles in the air, further substantiating ocular infection rates, as well as contraction through other membranes like those found in the ear canal.

Due to the infectious nature of covid, the only real ways to avoid infection seem to be either by a totally sealed hazmat suit with a personal oxygen source and a complete avoidance with environmental contact, or prevention through specific dietary protocols.

For example, when infections skyrocketing in both India and Brazil "puzzled" scientists, other information pertaining to nutrients and infection helped to describe why nutrients and vitamins have a significant impact on severity of illness.

In the western medica literature, there are many mentions of Covid prevention through specific nutrients, vitamins and minerals, although many of these techniques are never shared with us on the nightly news for whatever reason.

Well-known in the medical circles are the many thousands and perhaps millions of people who have never contracted Covid, both vaccinated and unvaccinated, who, either through diet or genetic predisposition, will never contract the virus due to interesting and mysterious specifics having to do with advanced biology and nutrition.

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