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After examining the medical literature late 2019, I discovered cloth masks provided the user 27% effective protection against airborne illness.

Despite this publicly known statistic, the government did not pursue any kind of N95 mask national coordination like they did for the big pharma injection. The American government enlisted our military for the injection, but not for simple preventative measures like N95 masks. Can anyone guess why that may be the case?

In fact the governments of the world knowingly mislead our people by hinting and indicating cloth masks could provide any type of real protection against airborne viruses which they absolutely do not.

Even N95 masks themselves are not at all adequate because of the high number of ocular infections due to airborne virus particles. governments will not disclose this type of information because that would actually reduce the overall infection rates which they obviously do not want because they are making some serious money here.

After heading into our 5th wave, the presently available medical literature, over 2 years late to the party, plainly demonstrates masks are not a sound approach at stopping the virus and that is precisely why we see governments committing to such a fallacy.

People are unaccustomed to comprehending the clandestine strategies employed by racist and classist governments. Not only did racist governments fund the development of the infectious quality of the SARS-CoV-2 virus itself, they knowingly disguised this information as a simple Trump conspiracy. Progressives think it’s a natural virus, conservatives think it’s a hoax, but in reality the truth is actually somewhere in between these two rationales — you must know this.

Most people are still unaware of the scientific evidence for the bioengineered virus that causes COVID-19. Even with the rapid evolution of variants, the inability of the western medical system to treat the virus itself and unusual organ failures associated with the virus, people somehow are still able to remain in denial.

The reason why we want to know about the genetically modified aspects of SARS-CoV-2 helps us to know how to better treat the illness because the big pharma approach clearly does not work and our people are dying needlessly.

Electromagnetic Frequency (EMF) exposure, systemic inflammation, heavy metal toxicity and nutrient deficiency are the four main factors that should be considered in order to help recover seriously ill patients. As I stated in late 2019 on my YouTube presentations, the governments of the world have done their best at making it seem like this information relies on conspiracy theories, but it most certainly does not.

Only those who are still capable of original thought may come to know this information for themselves, but only with a strong enough will.

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