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Classical Dehumanization

A favorite strategy of politics and war-hawks

In 2021 my old friend, a fellow progressive liberal antifa, Travis Fukuda, blocked me after he made a joke about rounding up unvaccinated people and throwing them into Nazi concentration camps. I asked him if he would come visit me in the gulag and he refused after explaining to me that it was my fault he couldn't get work as a stage hand.

Seeing how covid karens are now publicly regarded, especially after the total failure of statist big pharma narratives, it seems far more likely that Travis will actually be the one getting rounded up and I definitely will not be visiting him now because of how he treated me.

Dr. Martin Luther King always used to say an eye for an eye will make the whole world blind, but it seems the whole world already is blind so I say do as thou wilt because all's fair in love and war.

Reasonable people from all over the world have been under vicious assault for over 2 years now, while mentally-deranged progressive liberals, my own people, continue to support big pharma, Monsanto-Bayer, big tech and fascist administrations like Biden and Trudeau.

A line in the sand was drawn in early 2020, when progressive liberal antifa totally aligned with liberal shutdowns and mandates, after obviously being captured by the simplistic portrayals of corporate news media. They made their decisions and now it's time for us to make some decisions of our own.

A great war is coming against the global manufactured liberal mindset and its foolish supporters of big pharma and big tech. Fake white interventionism solidifies interests of the rich by actioning global climate change fallacies and indoctrination in the unread voter base.

Do your best to liberate your friends and loved ones from fake corporate controlled progressive liberal and conservative mindsets before you are forced to take their lives face to face in hand to hand combat.

Much like economic boycotting that created the reasoning for World War II, modern economic strain again facilitates the very same dehumanization that ultimately drives social engineering and the expression of society.

Rather than letting things get out of hand like they did in WWII, it's up to anyone still capable of original thought to explain this situation in detail to their friends and families so that progressive liberals and conservative republicans have an opportunity to stop what's happening before lives are again senselessly lost.

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