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Cyclical human experiences

The cyclical nature of human experiences makes it hard to determine whether or not we are experiencing something to our benefit. If we have indeed been here for many millions of years as I have proven in my white papers, how many raptures, ascensions, solar flashes have we experienced and why have they not worked or why have they not been "enough"?

Concurrently, black psyops are also injecting solar flash propaganda into the new age transcendental groups, in my opinion, as a cultivation of some kind of event in which they are using advanced weaponry against our people and then simply allowing low information humans to identify it as a "solar flash". A type of scenario we see many times throughout our ancient past, in which earth humans perceive it only as prophesy, happenstance or dogma.

At this time, because of the intricate interplay of all life, including all emanations, making predictions about the future does not accomplish what it once did. There are so many unknowns.

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