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Drought on a water planet?

Updated: Jun 29

Only the white man will tell you there's a drought on a planet full of water.

In 2022, Gavin Newsom threatens to use drought emergency powers to make mandatory water restrictions if California citizens don't reduce their water usage. Gavin Newsom began his career in the wine industry, and to this day, he still represents the wine lobby in California, along with the extravagance that comes with their privileged social caste. Newsom also has a history of insulating his own businesses from state mandates.

Gavin Newsom's businesses were totally funded by secretive billionaires. After establishing Gavin Newsom's businesses, billionaires then funded his political career. Gavin Newsom works hard maintaining the facade of sustainability in California, while the looming ecosystem collapse of nearly 600,000 acres of vinyards continues to draw critisisms.

Recently, 100% of California wines tested positive for Monsanto Roundup weedkiller Glyphosate. It was also found that 93% of Americans are literally urinating Glyphosate due to such high levels of cosntant exposure.

Dr. Tyrone Hayes from UC Berkeley found that minute levels of endocrine distrupting pesticides like glyphosate and atrazine can change the sex and sexual orientation of frogs, a vital indicator species ecologists use to assess the health of ecosystems.

Monsanto was forced to pay nearly $300 million to a man who was found by the court to have developed cancer from using Monsanto Roundup glyphosate products. All of this occurrs under the supposed sustainable leadership marketing being put forth by Gavin Newsom, and the stark reality of his long history of secretive deals with the billionaire class.

As a result of Gavin Newsom, the billionaire drought narrative reaches every person and every corner of California, despite some serious contradictions taking place in secret. California has nearly 4,000 miles of coastline, with one of the biggest repositories of water on Earth, the pacific ocean, right at its doorstop.

Thanks to the sustainability marketing being put forth by Gavin Newsom, no desalination plants are being built, presumably because the billionaire class standing behind Gavin Newsom does not wish it, unless, of course, it's private. Meanwhile, continuing to bide the times, Gavin Newsom still supports privatized desalination plants that favor his billionaire controllers, even during a time of a historically massive Californian budget surplus.

Not only does California enjoy the perfect geography for desalination, but also the auspices of massive newly discovered underground aquifers! There have been quite a number of underground aquifer discoveries made as of late, but they never seem to make it to the nightly news in California, even with the onset of historical budget surpluses. In yet another bid for billionaires, Gavin Newsom's classic old money "bottom up" approach continues to fall flat on its face, despite legitimate criticisms and tangible alternatives.

There've been several little known man-made modifications to average rainfall on Earth (mostly regarded as fanciful conspiracy theories by the unread) that could really change the proverbial tide for California, especially being so close to the Pacific ocean. During the Vietnam war, for example, American military modified the weather to increase rainfall and disrupt supply chains in Operation Popeye. Dubai famously injected chemicals into the atmosphere (cloud seeding) that successfully created a monsoon during peak drought. United Arab Emirates also uses lasers to increase rainfall. China also used the same technology to clean the air ahead of the Beijing Olympics by making it rain. Of course, we won't hear Gavin Newsom referring to any of these technologies or techniques becuase that would dismantle the scarcity narrative carefully put forth by secretive billionaires and their massive public funding apparatus.

The billionire class has been carefully curating this public perception of looming and disastrous droughts, despite some very questionable investments of their own made in the name of sustainability, a billionaire-favorite marketing buzzword. Billionaire and government corporations alike will always have some story to put forth about why they don't have enough money for "this", but have enough money for "that", especially while they do their very best in hiding certain information that could contradict their carefully constructed narratives. When the white man tells you there's a drought on a planet full of water, just remember that it's not about the water itself, it's about how the water facilitates their control over you.

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