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Embody Freedom

Our people are so innocent many of them cannot comprehend the magnitude of the operations taking place here on earth.

Good hearted, well meaning people are surreptitiously enlisted into defending the nazi globalist regime by the manufactured fear of death.

60% of small businesses in America closed their doors forever because of the insane oppression we experienced at the hands of our government.

More and more people are losing their jobs and being shoved into poverty by refusing to comply with injection mandates from big pharma.

Science determined lockdowns have no effect on anything really because they were never meant to. Corona as it is known by the general public is simply yet another massive wealth funneling to the rich and powerful just like the housing crisis of 2008 and the college tuition bubbles.

Make no mistake, if the governments recommend it, the best plan of action is to avoid it at all costs.

Many people are forced to receive these dangerous injections because they have not been taught about entrepreneurship or the power of our will and intent. The schools don’t teach our people about starting a successful business, being your own boss and escaping the matrix by becoming independent.

Even if you are “punching the clock at a job you love” you are still beholden to the decision making powers of your superiors which itself is unacceptable.

Become free and ungovernable not only for you and me but for your children and mine.

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