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How to slow aging

Gold, silver and copper are well known conductors; they are even used to construct superconductors.

When placed in certain configurations, like in my most recent gilded art pieces, they form a powerful vacuum for electricity and EMF pollution that protects animals and plants.

Electricity as we know it today does not exist in the natural biological world at such high voltages.

For example, the intercellular biophotonic communications happening within and between all the cells in our body occur at such a low voltage, they are nearly undetectable!

Because there exists such a magnitude of difference between modern electric voltage and our own minimal biophotonic voltage, what humans call disease perplexes and bewilders modern academics, doctors and scientists alike.

When humans are steeped in the EMF soup called modern cityscapes, they literally melt as if they were in a microwave, but the melting occurs so slowly that most humans perceive it as "aging" and "chronic illness" and "getting old".

What I just shared with you in my previous sentence represents a form of bondage taking place between masters and servants, keeping earth humans in an intentional biological deficit for the purposes of control, but with the proper knowledge you can be free.

In ancient times, some humans were documented to have lived for around 1000 years using various forms of alchemy (chemistry/advanced material science/nutrition).

In the recent past, there were humans living nearly 500 years due to their accessing the prana from nature, living mostly outdoors.

During our modern times, there are people who are living, right this very instant, who are over 200 years of "age" (usually in mountainous regions that are simply prana accumulators).

There are a myriad of factors that contribute to people who look "young" or "old" and one of the most important factors remains EMF exposure mitigation, or lack thereof.

For the reasons listed above, I developed special technology, based on ancient alchemical practices, ancient construction and clothing traditions, as well as modern advanced material sciences and how they relate to biochemistry.

EMF pollution presents an interesting conundrum to humans because it persists invisibly without handheld detectors, but the effects of such a pollution are routinely observed in nearly every person who does not take adequate steps toward protection.

Many people who are suffering from life threatening disease or chronic illness are not aware that their experience, in many cases, has everything to do with their relative and constant exposure to EMF pollution.

Would you like to protect yourself from EMF pollution? Would you like to support access to free education like that contained in this article? These scientific presentations are made available to the public for free by viewers like you.

Go to ETSY LIFEPRODUCTSDIRECT and consider protecting yourself and your family and pets from EMF pollution. Thank you for supporting free education!

More information can be found on my websites and

Scientific presentations can also be found on my youtube channel. Please consider subscribing to my youtube channel so I can do more live and interactive presentations.


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