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Humans do not get sick.

Updated: Oct 23, 2023

Humans do not get sick.

What we perceive as sickness demonstrates a very necessary global cellular regeneration in the body.

Have you ever wondered why our bodies want us to stay put and not move when we feel "sick"? The same thing happens if we fracture a rib or other essential body part that needs to be regenerated. Our bodies are far smarter than our present level of conscious awareness and they determine when a total full-cycle cellular regeneration becomes necessary; a regeneration of such importance, it requires us to remain still with very low energy output.

Contrary to the dominant false narrative promoted by old money, ancient royal mafia families in the white christian jewish chinese and arab nations, flu-like illness cannot be assigned solely due to the detection of naturally occurring genetic material. PCR tests can be positive with no symptoms because of the DNA amplification used for detection (including "memories" of the immune system). A positive PCR test has no relevance regarding presently "being sick" because the result only represents positive immune system regulation.

Have you ever wondered why, when in an office environment, one or two people get sick and then suddenly everyone gets sick?

The white chrisitan and jewish nihilists tell us flus are contagious, but this is a laughable oversimplification meant to enhance the uptake of the ignorance-dependent western medical for-profit institutions.

Have you ever wondered why women's moons synchronize? It's the same reason peoples' immune systems synchronize when in close proximity. Our regeneration cycles intentionally occur in an offset, staggered timeframe so that the overall human macro-organism can continue to function in a successful tribal village system.

When a person gets sick often or if the white christian jewish chinese doctors call such a person immunocompromised, they are not necessarily as sick nor immunocompromised as they are highly toxic from clandestine, long-term industrial poisoning. In a chronically sick person, their cells attempt to regenerate in the presence of a high toxic load, making any new cells very unstable. Each cell then being created in the presence of a high toxic load, essentially incomplete, most likely experiences higher rates of oxidative stress, requiring the body's systems to address the instability with another cellular regeneration cycle in which the body "becomes sick", lethargic and nearly unmovable.

As a result of the white christian and jewish re-education camps for innocent children, we now erroneously perceive ancient and modern bioengineered weapons as naturally occurring viruses and then we conflate this situation with the modern fallacy of contagious germ theory as maintained by christian jewish hollywood movies like "contagion" or zombies.

There are millions of unvaccinated people who never got covid, there are millions of people who do not get sick when others get sick. Would you like to know why? For a variety of reasons having to do with food choice and lifestyle, certain people will not get sick because they are effectively regenerating at an acceptable rate so they are never required to "get sick" for a full-cycle cellular regeneration.

Because of the global monopoly on knowledge, perpetrated by white christian jewish arab chinese mafias, humans know little about their own bodies or their own deep antiquity so we must keep an open mind and acknowledge criminal psychological indoctrination. Today I am sharing insights, recovered deep within meditative siddhis, for the benefit of all people, plants, animals and even rocks.

Do you need help liberating yourself or your family from chronic ailments? Take one of my classes today!

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