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Industrialists and the sanctity of life

It is true that many people who eat meat treat animals poorly, but it is equally true that many people who eat meat treat their animals dearly and cherish the sanctity of life just like Native American meat eaters. Humans evolved as hunter gatherers, with great emphasis upon the former due to the calorie requirements of our giant brains. Industrialists, however, made a mess out of the relationship between animals and humans, even plants and humans, just as they have made a mess out of most things on this planet. I find that rather than blaming vegans or meat eaters or white people, industrialists in general deserve most of the blame as they are the sector in need of the most help to change. Animals have faces and eyes and mouths to speak and humans so often utilize anthropomorphization to form intellectual relationships with the world around them. Brother bear and brother crow, but plants are brother too. Plants have been found to have an intact memory must like animals. Plants have been found to have desires and dread just like animals. Plants have even been found to scream when they are eaten or cut at a decibel level that human ears cannot detect. What should we say to the meat eating tiger or the plant eating elephant? Aren't humans a part of nature also? Here we come to the issue at hand as industrialists are the ones defacing the sanctity of life in their profit driven factory feed lots. Humans have a great level of awareness. For many years now, responsible agriculture and animal husbandry has been gaining more and more market share. It's why Whole Foods became so popular so quickly because people are searching for responsibly and humanely raised plants, meat and dairy; free from the majority of suffering and free from pesticides and herbicides. Humans have made great progress in this department, I think, and it's people like the author here today who provide the impetus and reasoning for a better tomorrow. I've written several articles about why humans eat meat, focusing on the science of our metabolism, the necessity of vitamin B12, our ancient traditions and the hijacking from big ag, big business, big pharma and big tech. Vegans and vegetarians and meat eaters alike are all encouraged into the supplement mindset because eating a balanced diet supposedly can no longer sustain modern humans. Many people are aware of how our soils are depleted so that meats and vegetables are both more nutritionally deficient than in the recent past, but our biology goes further than that. I've also written articles about how plant based diets causes shrinking brains, dementia, depression, anxiety and more due to the absolute necessity of vitamin B12. Vitamin B12 in its natural state build our blood, our bones, our brain, our muscles, our stomach lining, literally everything in our bodies that we need to live. One of the reasons why B12 deficiency can be so serious has to do with how often and how much B12 gets used by our bodies. Supplamenting with B12 "fortified foods" from big ag and big pharma GMO bacteria cannot provide the quantity nor the quality of B12 that human beings need to thrive. Sure humans can survive on plant and grain based diets, but they are doing so in the midst of severe depression and anxiety, high suicide rates, violent outbursts and neurological impairment. Have you ever wondered why the world biggest food corporations are all going vegan? The markup on plant based products far outperforms meat because of the sheer volume and relatively low input costs. There are many subtleties to the topic of food requirements and today we are examining them in further detail.

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