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Ketosis and Childhood Development

As an advocate for the rights of children, I acknowledge the necessity of children to remain in ketosis at all times and especially in the first 2 years of their development. Children who remain in ketosis for the first 2 years of their lives will have substantially greater cranial capacities when they reach adulthood and will be of a far greater intellect than the majority of their peers who were subjected to childhood glycolysis.

The white industrial mindset will attempt to arrest ketosis in children by giving them sugar based formula, literally making them mentally retarded: that is how little the western medical mindset knows about children and glycolysis.

Take this article from, for instance: “No one knows why the ketogenic diet works so well for seizure control, but it does.” This is the basis of comprehension in the western medical mindset, a position based in total ignorance and deferral to the unrivaled stupidity of western doctors.

Seizures as well as epilepsy are all a result of demyelination, the degradation of fatty protective coatings surrounding the axon that disrupts neuronal communication in the brain.

Because the myelin sheath coating requires metabolization of fat, low fat diets, like those prescribed to children with formula, directly contributes to children’s seizures and epilepsy.

Now let us examine the corporatized vegan agenda and how it aligns with the western medical approach at arresting childhood ketosis. We have established the importance of fat based diets for the development of children’s brains, and yet various public figures are actually advocating against fat based diets while promoting vegan and vegetarian mindsets.

On the television we are often confronted with the conflation of green veganism and the guilt based reasoning that promotes vegan diets in the west. Corporations will do their best to hide from you the true nature of vegan mindsets and their social and environmental consequences.

Humans have an extreme need for dietary fat, and as a result, pesticide-laden and highly processed palm oil has contributed to the loss of countless hectares of south American rainforests to quell the west’s obsession with processed plant based fatty products like Nutella. We can see here that it isn’t necessarily animal based or plant based diets that contribute to deforestation, but consumerism, marketing and multinational corporations that actually destroy this planet.

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