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Manufactured Opinions

Updated: Apr 19, 2023

It's not just that conservatives or progressives themselves are the problem, it's actually that they are victims of an advanced psychological indoctrination; a violent inculcation into a new kind of corporate thinking, like a new kind of weapon for a new kind of war.

During this modern era, it's not simply bombs that are dropped onto targets any longer, but entire rationales quietly slipped into the people; they fixate on guns, for instance, while the real threat has to do with their own opinions and how those opinions become surreptitiously manufactured against their interests.

George Orwell once said, "some ideas are so stupid, only intellectuals believe them" and I find myself in agreement because accredited intellectuals of both conservativism and liberalism tend to have a certain smugness about them, as if they are too smart to be fooled, when, in reality, they are the most fooled of us all.

Not only are such political pawns doing the dying in the streets for causes not their own, supposedly fighting against their oppressors, they are the foot soldiers ramming green washed and big oil corporate agendas down our throats; we can tell it is so because of the overt virtue signaling and moral relativism employed by every single one of their fake arguments.

It's only right if a BIPOCLGBTQIA2S+ or cis Godfearing christian does it in the realm of political correctness, but not anyone else, nor even each other, nor each of them. We are like a gun, and instead of bullets, we fire vindication, pride at what we think we know.

In reality, what we think are our priorities have only come our way due to the funnel of big money, big opinion and big choice. There's always talk about freedom of choice, so it's quite fitting that the cosmic irony exists in such a way that choice itself remains precisely the problem.

Choices of ill-gotten people soldiers, steeped in a carefully curated ignorance, whether red or blue, with a result always ending in the same place: a well maneuvered opposition, like a well formulated argument and counterargument, such a delicate waltz with which we are happily being marched to our deaths.

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