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Modern Caffeine Addiction

Updated: Oct 27, 2022

California Judge recognizes coffee causes cancer

Western white Judeo-Christian industrialists did a good job at keeping cancer coffee a secret from millions of coffee addicted paper pushers.

Hell they even have their own team of shill scientists saying coffee actually cures cancer.

Mass coffee addiction fuels several industries in the west including the obsession of chronic illness in ‘western healthcare’ (deathcare) and war.

Long-term caffeine addiction has been used by various governments, hegemonies and oligarchies around the world to subdue logic, reasoning, passions and desires of their subjects by secretly targeting the brain.

Long-term, intergenerational caffeine addiction causes shrinking of the brain, testicles and ovaries, resulting in a dependence on linear thinking as a result of cognitive decline.

Long-term caffeine addiction causes an absolute dependence on oversimplifications, as the mind of the user atrophies, no longer being able to accommodate complex situations, including the nuances found in contradictions fostered by modern government propaganda.

Caffeine addiction depletes the adrenal system, leading to adrenal fatigue, which leads to high cortisol, which leads to no rest that causes high stress, which leads to cancer. The white Judeo-Christian industrialists won’t tell you this information, so I will.

Would you like to liberate yourself from the pangs of modern slavery and caffeine addictions that make your life a series of panic attacks and incessant anxiety? Go to today and schedule a yogic counseling session with me today to free yourself from caffeine addiction!

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