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mRNA Injections and Human Genetics

Updated: Jan 10

The reason why mRNA injections are called "gene therapies" has to do with the body's immune response on a genetic level, as the body's own cells are taken over by the mRNA injections to manufacture full length spike proteins (much like a virus).

Upon receiving the mRNA injection against Corona, the body undergoes an unnaturally intense immune response, as it attempts to cope with the global production of thousands, perhaps millions, of full length synthetic spike proteins initiated by the mRNA injections themselves.

Israeli doctors discovered that mRNA injections severely impaired the immune response in multiple booster recipients who experienced breakthrough infections (very similar to aids), most likely due to this unnaturally accelerated production of spike proteins inside the blood stream itself (as a result of the Corona mRNA injections).

Certain aspects of human immune systems are transferred between parents and their children based on the cumulative immune responses experienced by the parents: this dynamic helps to describe why historical native Americans did