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New Advancements In Material Science

And EMF absorption

Greetings friends! Today I made a video documenting the effectiveness of my newest EMF absorption design, constructed with pure copper and 24k gold and fine silver of 99.99% purity!

I developed this simple technology based on ancient clothing and construction practices that are actually representations of highly advanced material sciences from the ancient past!

Knowledge and comprehension of our ancient ancestors far exceeds the expertise and intellects of today, and, I find that with every emerging new-age problem, a solution has already been formulated deep in our ancient past, encoded in various thought forms like symbolism and cultural traditions!

With a great clavis, with a profound inner knowing, by the deepest comprehensions blossoming forth from within the depths of our own intuition, these advancements in health and happiness and material sciences are made by me, by you and by all people who have will enough to make the journey toward self discovery and the pursuit of knowledge!

Many people are suffering from various forms of chronic illness that they may not be aware originates from consistent exposure to EMF pollution, wireless communication devices, electronic technology and even powerlines and outlets! Everything from baldness, infertility, digestive disorders, autoimmune disorders, depression and more have all been found in the peer reviewed medical journals to be associated with high levels of EMF exposure!

In my previous scientific publications, I proved unequivocally that the highly reactive electric component involved in the transmission of wireless energy, specifically in the form of communicative waves, has no bearing on the function of the devices themselves; furthermore, I identify the electric component of EMF pollution as the destructive aspect with respect to natural biology! I boldly asked the question, "Why are the electric waves even there included in the function of these devices?" to which there exists no reasonable reply.

So join me in the total liberation of thought, the complete reclamation of ourselves, in such a self reliance strategy that far exceeds the care and efforts of for profit western medical institutions, the industrial mindset at large and all forms of control and coercion!

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