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New-Age Hippies and Hyper-Normalized Drug Use

The 1960s were an unprecedented time filled with war and civil rights protest. American intelligence agencies had their hands full managing the logarithmic expansion of human consciousness so they injected addictive psychedelic drugs into the population disguised as entertainment.

Note from the author: I am born and raised in California and all my friends and family identify as some form of progressive liberal. While still being supportive of the 2nd amendment, I myself loosely identify as liberal given the importance with which I regard the notion of informed consent and freedom of choice. That being said, I reject the identification of people via political parties as well as peoples’ desire to pigeon hole their own beliefs. I know for a fact that my close friends and family, whom I love, are not aware of how they are being used by corporations and mobilized against their good nature. I bared witness and experienced a fascinating and disturbing machination taking place here in California. Although my positions may come off as a scathing attack on progressive liberal mindsets, they are more centralized on the usual suspects of the rich oligarchic government and how they infiltrate the good hearts of real people. Many of my dear friends are heavily drug addicted progressive liberal burners, suffering from serious depression and anxiety, who are being violently mobilized by corporations just as their parents were mobilized during the 1960s and 1970s. In this article, I document the usurpation of civil movements by corporations in an effort to liberate my dear friends who have been ruthlessly inculcated into the western mindset of fake interventionism. Without their knowledge and without their consent, my dear friends have literally been turned into the “grateful dead”: entranced, drug addicted middle-class foot soldiers voting for racist corporations and fascist governments. I feel the way in which political dissent is utilized by corporations deserves to be studied and identified by the people. Although I believe in the ideals of such social movements, I cannot condone the blatant usurpation of these movements by corporations.

Some of the most notable human right’s advocates in human history, Martin Luther King Jr and Malcom X, were targeted with very public assassinations during a time of supposed societal reform, though no action was taken toward justice for those two men. Why and how is that possible during such a transformative time?

Violating their own charter by operating domestically, the CIA performed LSD experiments during the 1950s and documented trance-like states as a key aspect of the drug. The CIA had long been researching the potential of mind control through the usage of mind-altering synthetic drugs. Unprecedented political unrest in the proceeding decades provided the perfect opportunity to test these substances on the greater public.

The 1960s was all about protest, peace and love, but apparently and coincidently, did not include action. Protests like the march on Washington and the summer of love were romanticized and popularized like mass rituals, extending all the way into present times. Though the desires of people seem to be well coordinated in the impeachment of then President Bush or other antiwar protests, much like in the 60s, protests were not followed by action and served mostly as an empty emotional release. Turns out congress doesn’t care what we think.

In the popular television series South Park, they offer us a salient interpretation of American protesters and counter-protesters, alluding to the nature of protesting itself being manufactured by governments to facilitate military and corporate agendas for the British Crown.

We are still protesting the same racial injustice issues as Martin Luther King Jr and Malcom X, despite literally decades of protests. Why?

Timothy Leary, one of the most prolific distributers of drug culture, had this to say: “The LSD movement was started by CIA. I wouldn’t be here now without the foresight of the CIA scientists. It was no accident. It was all planned and scripted by Central Intelligence, and I’m all in favor of Central Intelligence.

In the article entitled, The CIA Planned The Drugging of America — Timothy Leary, we become privy to the true nature of controlled opposition, but given today’s subject, we may want to start calling it “drugged opposition”.

Popular bands of the 1960s like the Grateful Dead are synonymous with heavy drug use. There are even well-known connections between rock entertainers and CIA scientists, as well as other associations with spooks overseas.

1960s hippies of their day were influenced into non-action by secretive government agencies through a formulated reliance on protesting. We are still protesting against war and racial injustice today precisely because protesting itself remains an incomplete plan of action. Protesters themselves actually form an insulating buttress for the status quo by being surreptitiously inculcated into the protester mindset, just as was described by the South Park clip above.

In the famous historical execution of King Louis XVI during the French Revolution, “mass protests” preceded the event leading up to the king’s actual death, a literal and definitive action.

Check out a depiction of the French Revolution. Notice the “protester” heavy reliance on rifles and cannons and compare that with the mentality we see today in San Francisco and Los Angeles. When we compare the entire California social apparatus to the mentality of the French revolutionaries, we see how truly effective operations taking place since the 1960s truly became.

Nowadays, protests are scheduled and rescheduled, people show up and then go home, and the problems are often so intentionally nebulous, no discernable fault can be found. No literal action is ever taken.

Fast-forward and we see the children of 1960s hippies are now the drug-addicted progressive liberal burner protesters of today, protesting exactly the same issues from exactly the same drug-induced mindset of inaction and partying.

Exactly like hippies of the 1960s, modern day progressive liberal burner hippies are obsessed with drugs. Overdoses are so common in the culture, narcan tweets are a thing. Encouraging your besties to test their festival drugs purity on twitter is also a thing, you know, incase they are laced with deadly Chinese fentanyl.

California liberals have always been obsessed with drugs. Silicon valley, for instance, literally runs on cocaine and molly. Coincidently, California has always been a strong pivoting point for secretive federal and global agendas, based on the violent mobilization of millions of drug addicted, low information, mentally-deranged liberals. Keep in mind, these are also the people who are controlling the way we speak through political correction. These are the people dictating marching orders to the rest of the country. These are the people who are supposedly about tolerance and solidarity.

In a recent article of mine, I documented depressed progressive liberal burners being targeted by facebook and big pharma. With help from facebook, big pharma actively exploits the mental health crisis taking place in today’s cities that run on extreme amounts of coffee and alcohol. The manufactured progressive liberal burner lifestyle of caffeine addiction, alcohol abuse and burning man designer drugs appears to be carefully grooming liberal voters as a continuation of 1960s CIA operations. By keeping burning man type liberal voters in a nearly constant state of drug induced entrancement, they are being mobilized by corporations, against their own self-interests, and, consequently, for the status quo.

Much like in the 1960s, hippies were groomed by popular bands who happened to work alongside CIA drug distribution programs without their knowledge. Today, the children of those hippies, my dear friends, are being targeted by the same exact institutions, the same exact big money, most likely influenced by the same alphabet organizations to produce the very same result: a very vocal and heavily drugged opposition, a sounding board with which to launch covert global agendas.

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