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Owning of Elon Musk

So called "cosmic rays" or "universal prana" or "chi" exists as a delicate interplay between the macro universe and the micro organism, as seen in this simple leaf photo taken in total darkness.

All matter and energy and life here on earth depend on and interacts with "cosmic rays" that "originated millions of years ago in a distant star cluster" (western rendition).

The owners of Elon Musk and the true owners of spacex/starlink/tesla are using Elon's manufactured likeability to sell you a very particular product. This product erects an energy sheath, like a force field around our planet, effectively eliminating your interaction with vital cosmic energy and cosmic rays from the microwave background, universal intuition, what some Earthlings call "God".

Not only are they bombarding our cellular plexus with high powered directional "wifi", they are also distorting the universal signal our cells use to communicate, replicate and maintain their organismal functions.

Thankfully, if we can adequately comprehend the vital nature of "universal chi", we can easily replicate it given the correct applications of material science. As a result of such an comprehension, we will also be protecting our own cellular plexus by absorbing any high powered incoming radiation as a complimentary effect.

What actually is a conductor? What actually is a super conductor? What happens to the energy that comes into contact with a conductor or super conductor? If we can answer these questions then we will begin to unfold a profound secret of the universe while simultaneously protecting our own DNA.

Find out how at

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