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Propaganda concerning illness


Did you know propaganda concerning illness from the corporate media cannot be considered real science even though people regard it as such? So called ‘health officials’ are actually lying by omission due to their own carefully curated ignorance. Many people ask why American healthcare costs are so high? Perhaps it’s because ‘western medicine’ is not in the profession of curing illness, but rather in the business of creating lifelong customers. Did you know about the abysmal reputation of the current testing modalities for corona? These are the ‘tests’ being used by corporations to sell you products and close down small regional economies at the behest of amazon and Walmart. Did you know that global governments are actually controlled by rich people hiding behind shell company corporations? They use tv and social media to manufacture the dominant paradigm literally killing us by the hundreds of thousands. when we examine the reality of the pandemic, our situation becomes clear. Did you know that while the government attempts to ‘help’ us by shutting everything down, it actually promotes a hostile takeover of our regional economies? Some indoctrinated nihilists will attempt to espouse the reason why corona numbers are so high in America because people aren’t wearing masks, especially compared with Asia. Did you know that corona numbers keep rising because masks and social distancing actually do very little? Many people will attempt to argue the contrary, but their argument is based on a fallacy of oversimplification. There are many details being carefully omitted in the American media regarding illness and the relationship between diet and morbidity. The reason why you've never heard of it because we no longer have a free press. Corona pneumonia complications derived from insulin resistance and pre-diabetic/diabetic conditions. Translation: people are eating like shit. Now let us examine another vector for severe illness you've never heard about: cadmium and heavy metals. How many people do you think eat chocolate in America? 268 million Americans consumer chocolate Metallic taste involved in corona infection Most cadmium exposure in America due to toxic food Ever hear about how vaping can make someone more susceptible to corona infections? How about cadmium in tobacco? Did you know that detoxing heavy metals really quite a simple process? The only requirement becomes the knowledge itself and the willpower to make it so. Happy new year dear friends don't forget to turn off the tv!


When we are dealing with dangerous chemicals or infectious diseases, we err on the side of caution as a matter of protocol. 30% to 50% "protection" realistically can only be treated as 30% protection in practice because the chemicals or diseases are that serious. Top ends of the estimate are effectively meaningless when the low end of possible protection against infection is as low as 30%.

A good hypothetical example would be radioactive poisoning. If the person has a 30% to 50% chance "or more" of being protected from poisoning, the person will no doubt become poisoned at some point. Such a rendition is the exact same logical treatment we can apply to mask usage vs preventing infection. The media will attempt to say that masks prevent the spread of disease, but that really has no bearing on infection because the masks themselves do not prevent infection.

A subtle lesson in the effectiveness of propaganda given this article from KPBS and NPR. Most people feel adequately protected given the propaganda they've consumed regarding the usage of masks, even though realistically they only provide a minimum of 30% protection against infection. People will attempt to argue that infections continue to climb because trump supporters are not wearing masks, but as we can see here, masks are not a sound approach in preventing infection.

"As for cloth masks, the protection depends on what they're made out of and how well they fit. But with the right combination of materials, you can create a cloth mask that offers protection to the wearer in the 30% to 50% range or more, says May Chu, an epidemiologist at the Colorado School of Public Health who co-authored a paper published on June 2 in Nano Letters on the filtration efficiency of household mask materials. That's far from full protection, but combined with social distancing and hand-washing, she says, it's certainly better than nothing."


Propagandized individuals will no doubt attempt to explain that the mask usage prevents virus transmission through the sequestration of mucus droplet sized virus particles. The reality of our situation is that regularly vaccinated individuals actually shed infectious diseases in aerosol form simply by breathing. Again, given the reality of this situation, relying on mask usage cannot be considered a sound approach at preventing infection because aerosol particles are so much smaller.


I'm sure many of you have heard the argument that masks do not offer protection from very tiny virus particles, that is why the propaganda must use viruses attached to mucus particles as a qualification of their erroneous assessment.

Again, the reality of our situation shows us that, indeed, very tiny virus particles are in fact floating about in the air, completely dismantling the large virus diameter propaganda.

Mask usage is not a sound approach to preventing infection because the reality of potential infections remain totally unaddressed in the main stream media.


Our eyes are walking petri dishes and as such are regular vectors for infection. Such a reality disrupts the effectiveness of the mask propaganda, rendering it totally inadequate. Masks are not a sound approach to preventing infection. I cannot stress enough that government and mass media do not have your best interests in mind, that is why you don't have this information.

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