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Proper Newborn Brain Development

I am an environmental ecologist trained in San Francisco, offering consultations for you, your home, your food and your life with NewGreener consulting. Would you like to ensure the brain health of a newborn in your family, or perhaps a newborn of close friends? Would you like to ensure a positive birth outcome for your friends and loved ones? Take my prenatal and postpartum child development class and receive vital information not available in the west! Send me a message at my homepage to inquire about scheduling.

Throughout human history, there have always existed native populations co-occurring in and around various super-civilizations. Aztecs, Egyptians, Romans, Chinese; all were accompanied in deep history by what are called permanent cultures.

Permanent cultures do not change much with the various rising and falling of global super powers. Ancient modern day tribes like the Hadza of Africa or the Aboriginals of Australia have existed in nearly the same fashion for thousands of years, far longer and more successfully than any other human "civilization" on record. Would you like to know why?

There are many factors that determine a person's cranial capacity, as well as a person's overall IQ. When we examine the differences in culture between modern day humans and their permanent culture counterparts, several important and stark differences present themselves.

Environmental factors and exposures, second hand contamination, food choice, physical development and overall health of the mother contribute, in a large part, to the successful birth outcome of children and their development far down the road as adults. These are only a few pathways that can affect the health of children and mothers and even husbands, and, if you'd like to know more, feel free to schedule an appointment at my website to coordinate an action plan for the health of your child today.

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