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Pyramid builders are still here

Historians attempt to tell us that the builders of the pyramids are long gone, but they are not aware that some of the biggest pyramids on Earth were actually built in the last 100 years of human civilization. Scientists often have trouble determining what purposes these massive buildings serve, but thorough documentation reveals the truth.

While we are all living our busy little lives, a through-line of humanity extends forward from the depths of our ancient past. Why did humans build ancient structures? Why do humans today continue in the footsteps of our ancestors? Why are humans seemingly obsessed with the pyramid shape?

When we examine pyramid size comparisons, we immediately become aware that the three largest pyramids on Earth are presently in North Korea, London and San Francisco. An interesting bit of trivia since most people would venture guesses having to do with the pyramids of Giza or Mexico, some of the most well-known pyramids on Earth. What do these modern pyramids have in common? They are all tied to the electric grid, they are all grounded into their respective city grid, they all function by the mantra of money and energy, and they all reside in places of great economic mystery.

Pyramids of different shapes and dimensions all have various design applications that generate discreet effects. Physics and engineering schools of thought already utilize the effects of such shapes, despite the total confusion enjoyed by modern day tenured Egyptologists. Pyramidal arrays, for example, are quite common and very popular in the physics and engineering communities.

In 1979, Dr. Dee Nelson and his wife documented the effects of ambient field energies created by a Tesla coil on the shape and geometry of simple pyramids, possibly indicating their original function.

When we compare the San Francisco and London pyramids, we notice the angles are far steeper than the Giza plateau.

The pyramids in San Francisco and London more closely resemble the steep angles from lesser known Nubian pyramids and obelisks, most certainly having an effect on their overall function.

The largest known pyramid ever built by humans happens to reside in the highly restricted country of North Korea. The building itself claims to be a massive hotel, one of the largest on Earth, in a country that almost no one travels to, no one who we know, at least.

In various other publications, we determined that pyramids are not simply inert buildings, but actually energy accumulation devices. It's hard to believe the oversimplifications put forth by common propaganda outlets, with regard to the Korean pyramid, because it just so happens to be the largest pyramid ever constructed, meaning its true function probably escapes our current comprehension of physics and material sciences.

Hotels are utilized as secretive business venture launching pads, where international businessmen can meet in secret to determine their amoral plans of action against the poorest people on Earth. A massive "hotel", the largest pyramid ever constructed, in a super restricted country that can only be entered by the rich and powerful, seems to be a perfect meeting place for all the world's spooks, but we would never know because visitors, as well as photography, are kept tightly controlled by the North Korean government, in what must be a total coincidence.

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