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Scienticians and the dearth of reasoning

Updated: Apr 20, 2023

The western medical mindset revels in their own self-identified ignorance, constantly mystified about the impossibility of their own ridiculous public misperceptions.

On the one hand, they claim to have intellectual authority over you, and yet, on the other hand, they will freely admit they know nothing about the mysteries surrounding Corona (just like everything else).

Anyone interested should focus, those who do not want to contract this illness, just as anyone who would not want to develop cancer, nor any other engineered attack being distributed by government corporations into the lives of innocent people (including children).

When we are watching television as a people, the range of possibilities within our minds becomes confined, directly influencing the realms of our conscious experience, what we perceive as "life".

If we can disengage with what we have come to think is "real", with the lies, illusions and delusions found on the rich man's television, the mind and body can achieve such states of total awareness, they would seem improbable to any regular TV watcher person.

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