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Signs of Our Planet

As a consequence of money behind politics, religion and education, certain fictions are fed to the people of Earth, in an effort to emulate the guilt based control structure of self-loathing popularized by modern religions. By this point, humans are used to hearing about how they've singlehandedly brought the planet to the brink of extinction, but, of course, that is only half the story corporations are willing and able to give you. In this article, we will examine the true reality of Earth's situation, a reality corporations do not wish for you to know.

Earth's interglacial cycles paint a very different picture of our climate than can be found on the corporate television with lies of omission. We are constantly told the Earth is heating up, and that it's our fault, and that should be the reasoning why we purchase 10 million electric cars, as an emblem of our penitence.

When we examine the interglacial periods leading up to today above, all the way to the left of the chart, we see that the odd numbers 1, 3 and 5 represent the latest interglacial periods, in which sea levels were at their maximum height in the cycle. In fact, the number 1, all the way to the left of the chart, represents the current maximum for sea levels in the latest rise, taking place quite regularly, as we can see, for the last 1.8 million years. This is a very different picture than the one being portrayed to us on the nightly news and from the money-driven politics of electric car sales.

There are many changes taking place here on earth, many changes taking place over a geologic time scale, a very important time scale that never seems to make it to the nightly news. When we compare the various sizes of historic and prehistoric species, it becomes quite obvious that there is more taking place here than just a change in climate.