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The Nature of Clinical Obfuscation

Updated: Jul 1, 2022

Logical treatment of false dichotomy

Reliance on worldviews curated by television contributes to a high level of obfuscation when one attempts to perceive a conflicted objective reality, thereby insulating against the onset of epiphany, realization and natural growth. Ingesting so much fantasy and fiction causes a person to default toward inaction, apathy and deferral after being emotionally overwhelmed by the detection of complex possible realities that do not conform to the simplistic fake reality being presented by corporations on television. A delicate battle takes place inside such a person, and, whether or not they can actually surmount the intentional obfuscation relies totally on the strength of their will, character and their level of emotional maturity, which ultimately governs synthesis of new information, or lack thereof.

  • To make obscure. Examples: Obfuscate the issue. || Officials who … continue to obscure and obfuscate what happened.

  • To be evasive, unclear, or confusing. Example: The suspect often obfuscated during the interrogation.


Is it a duck or a rabbit?

Is it a circle or a square?


Why does there exist such an emphasis on the consumption of fiction from television, netflix and movie theaters? Have you ever had a racing heart beat while watching someone being chased in a horror movie? Have your hairs stood on end during a pivotal cinematic climax? Many famous experiments determined the human subconscious cannot detect differences in what the conscious mind perceives, actually believing that what it perceives happens to the individual themselves.

Incongruity often causes such profound confusion in an individual, they will, in many instances, defer to the authority of official narratives rather than contend with conflicting information, much like a child defers to the authority of a parent when faced with something they've never seen before that could be scary or unusual. Confusion forms an important basis on which to develop the obfuscation of reality and we see, quite regularly, advanced psychological techniques that facilitate such mental states.

Now we will examine, in detail, the psychology being generated in the public when receiving complex information, in order to lay a proper foundation for today's topic.


9/11 provides us a perfect example of the confusion and incongruity that works on the greater psyche of Americans, thereby fostering a non-consensus that insulates people against the synthesis of complex truths. In this debunking article from Popular Mechanics, they explain to us that the air force was not told to stand down during the attacks.

CLAIM: No fighter jets were scrambled from any of the 28 Air Force bases within close range of the four hijacked flights. "On 11 September Andrews had two squadrons of fighter jets with the job of protecting the skies over Washington D.C.," says the website "They failed to do their job." "There is only one explanation for this," writes Mark R. Elsis of "Our Air Force was ordered to Stand Down on 9/11."
FACT: On 9/11, there were only 14 fighter jets on alert in the contiguous 48 states. No computer network or alarm automatically alerted the North American Air Defense Command (NORAD) of missing planes. "They [civilian Air Traffic Control, or ATC] had to pick up the phone and literally dial us," says Maj. Douglas Martin, public affairs officer for NORAD.

In another article about 9/11, from the United States Department of Defense, it states:

New York Air National Guard Maj. Jeremy Powell was a 31-year-old tech sergeant taking part in Exercise Vigilant Guardian when 9/11 occurred. He was the first military person to learn about the hijackings, having taken the initial call from the Federal Aviation Administration's Boston center. Master Sgt. Stacia Rountree was a 23-year-old senior airman working as an identification technician. Vigilant Guardian was her first major NORAD exercise.

The United States Department of Defense says, "It took some time for NEADS to realize 9/11 was a real-world scenario and not part of the exercise." Operation Vigilant Guardian and Operation Northern Vigilance sent fighter jets to the northwestern United States, outside the region of where the 9/11 attacks occurred, so the air force was not necessarily told to stand down, rather, many of their fighter jets were sent away on training exercises.

In the above debunking article from Popular Mechanics, one claim suggests the air force was told to stand down, while the counterclaim suggests the problem was the slow rate at which the warning communications occurred via telephone. Ultimately, the reasoning being put forth by both the claim and the counterclaim are not really relevant. Only the literal situation of no air force response remains essential to the situation and not necessarily the reasoning, meaning that, both the claim and counterclaim are only muddying the waters of a real event, in which the air force failed to act resulting in thousands of American deaths. People who are following the situation are then led down a logical path of reasoning that quickly moves passed air force fault, directly into the narrative that relies on obfuscation, confusion and contention, thereby creating the argument between different reasonings and narratives.


Now we will begin to examine, objectively, both the claims and counterclaims being put forth in the covid vaccine theater of discussion, treating them as equally relevant, just as we did in the above exercise regarding 9/11, in order to fully explore the situation we are being presented with. In the compilation below, we see the comparison of a bioweapon from a fictional video game and one of the microscopic organisms found in present day covid vaccines.

In yet another debunking article from Forbes magazine, the title explains to us, rather definitively and presumptuously, "Covid Vaccines Don’t Alter Your DNA – They Help Choose Cells To Strengthen Your Immune Response". When we examine the language being employed in the article, we are immediately presented with: "One of the common tropes among anti-vaxxers lately is that the Covid-19 vaccine “changes your DNA.” Oh, the horrors!".

In the first sentence of the debunking article, it immediately employs advanced divisive terminology of "anti-vaxxers", facilitating an instant reliance in the reader on the fallacy of false dichotomy of "us vs them", but I am not interested in "either or" arguments, and neither should you be, just as I am not interested in any mindset that must subscribe to an "either one or the other" mentality, because, as we saw above in the 9/11 rendition, reality often contains nuances left out of such simplistic arguments. After relying on the false dichotomy, the article then employs a rather simplistic debasement of the idea itself by saying "Oh, the horrors" as if to make fun of such an assertion, that seriously alleges, whether rightfully or wrongfully, a potential of the RNA vaccines to alter human DNA: an assertion that should not be taken so lightly nor frivolously, especially by a legitimate publication like Forbes magazine.

Now, as an important exercise, we will examine the scientific information surrounding the potential of the RNA covid vaccines to alter our DNA, without a reliance on believing either mindset to be wrong or right.

In an article entitled COVID-19 alters human genes, explaining mystery behind coronavirus ‘long haulers’, they explain to us that "scientists reveal the spike protein of SARS-CoV-2, the virus causing COVID-19, creates long-lasting changes to human gene expression."

In another article from ABC news, entitled In-Depth: Study suggests coronavirus infection could alter our DNA it states: "New research from a team of prominent scientists suggests the pandemic coronavirus doesn’t just hijack our cells; in some cases it can actually alter our DNA."

From the scientific study mentioned in the above ABC News article, it states: "We show here that SARS-CoV-2 RNA can be reverse-transcribed and integrated into the genome of the infected cell and be expressed as chimeric transcripts fusing viral with cellular sequences. Importantly, such chimeric transcripts are detected in patient-derived tissues."

In an article from the CDC website, entitled How mRNA COVID-19 Vaccines Work, it states: "First, mRNA COVID-19 vaccines are given in the upper arm muscle. After vaccination, the mRNA will enter the muscle cells. Once inside, they use the cells’ machinery to produce a harmless piece of what is called the spike protein. The spike protein is found on the surface of the virus that causes COVID-19."

Now, when we refer back to the initial article about Covid19 altering human genes, we see that "scientists reveal the spike protein of SARS-CoV-2, the virus causing COVID-19, creates long-lasting changes to human gene expression."

From the CDC article referred to immediately above, it states: "After vaccination, the mRNA will enter the muscle cells. Once inside, they use the cells’ machinery to produce a harmless piece of what is called the spike protein. The spike protein is found on the surface of the virus that causes COVID-19."

Regardless of our opinion concerning the subject matter, we have independently established, from legitimate medical literature, the following assertions:

  1. Covid19 can alter human DNA

  2. Covid19 spike protein causes long-lasting changes to human gene expression

  3. Covid19 spike protein doesn't just highjack our cells, but actually alters human DNA

  4. RNA vaccines physically create spike proteins inside the human body

Much like in the 9/11 rendition above, the claim and the counterclaim don't really provide us with any pertinent information because such exclusive arguments only foster a dependence on a "this or that" mentality. The facts themselves, however, paint a very different picture of possibility than the oversimplified debunking rendition put forth by Forbes magazine, with irresponsibly weighted and divisive language that detracts from the objective assessment of such a serious potential issue.

As we continue to explore the veracity of controversial claims put forth by doctors from around the world, we are presented with a very high visibility news show called the Stew Peters Show. When we look into this individual Stew Peters, we see he is regularly associated with anti-vaxxers, which, itself, corrals the minds of individuals into yet another false-dichotomy, giving any reasonable person pause as they are investigating. As we saw above in the 9/11 rendition, those who put forth claims and counterclaims are not necessarily relevant themselves because they rely on obvious false dichotomies; what is relevant is the true rendition being obfuscated among the contention created by both arguments. In the 9/11 rendition, the situation of who to believe depends on there being strong claims from both sides inside the false dichotomy because each argument requires its counterpart to make an effective obfuscation.

In the specific case of Dr. Carrie Madej, who has publicly shared seriously concerning microscopic documentation about the potential contents of modern day covid vaccines, we see another strong tendency toward false dichotomy by either pro big pharma or against big pharma mindsets, which again should trigger our careful examination of the facts, in order to remain independent between the extremes of intentional false dichotomies.

From another Reuters debunking article entitled Fact Check-Unidentified particles in vaccine samples under the microscope are likely contamination, we are presented with several microscope images of various types of contaminants in the covid vaccines.

When we examine the situation of covid vaccine contaminants, we see that several batches have indeed been contaminated, leading to the deaths of several people. Now, with this information compiled in this section above, we can derive a new set of assertions:

  1. Covid vaccines have been found to contain highly structured and organized contaminants.

  2. Covid vaccines have been found to be routinely contaminated by various substances.

  3. Covid vaccine contamination has led to the deaths and maiming of several people.

The overall situation evolves thusly: one doctor examines the contents of covid vaccines and finds unusual foreign and highly organized structures, and another doctor assumes that many of these contaminants could be fairly common contaminants, but the heart of the matter remains true, that the covid vaccines, given to millions of people, are indeed contaminated to a rather surprising degree. At this portion of logical treatment, the subtleties being encountered push our human tendencies of decision making to the limit, as we attempt to ascertain the true rendition by bringing together both arguments into a comprehensive schema. Very few people are presently capable of such synthesis because so many of us immediately default to the comfort of either this or that mentalities inside the fallacy of false dichotomies, due to varying levels of emotional maturity.


CLAIM: From a Forbes magazine article entitled No, Science Clearly Shows That COVID-19 Wasn’t Leaked From A Wuhan Lab it states: "Despite the enormous scientific knowledge humanity has gained, however, an unfounded conspiracy theory about the virus’s origin has gained a lot of traction: that it was genetically engineered with the purpose of infecting humans, that it was leaked from the Wuhan Institute of Virology, and that’s where it came from. Most recently, disgracedjournalist Nicholas Wade has penned an error-filled, misleading piece promoting this nonsense, but the science tells a different story."

COUNTERCLAIM: From an India West Journal article, entitled Covid virus likely leaked from Wuhan Lab: WHO Chief, it states: "

Again we are presented with obfuscation through the presentation of two disparate claims about the origin of covid19. Because of the far reaching influence of corporate media, most people currently do not know where the covid19 virus originated, even though the chief at the World Health Organization believes it came from an accidental Wuhan lab leak. Once again, both the claim and the counterclaim are not relevant because they are muddying the waters of objectivity. In this case, covid19, a flu like virus that somehow shuts down organs and renders people with dementia, obviously being a bioengineered virus, lacks priority in the advisement of different treatment approaches. The real question of how we treat patients infected by genetically engineered bioweapons gets lost by the bogging down of irrelevant arguments, just like in the 9/11 thought exercise above.


From the 2019 Anthony Fauci testimony to United States Department of Health and Human Services it states: "NIAID is conducting and supporting research to develop state of-the-art vaccine platform technologies...includ[ing] DNA, messenger RNA (mRNA), virus-like particles... and self-assembling nanoparticle vaccines."

In the opening scene from the popular movie I am legend, we are met with a researcher explaining they took "something designed by nature and reprogramed it to make it work for the body rather than against it".

In an article from Discover Magazine, it explains how the RNA covid vaccines are "vaccinating people with the gene for SARS-CoV-2 spike protein". That gene being injected into people then enters their own cells, taking them over to begin manufacturing spike proteins in the body of the recipient to trigger the immune system.

In the National Library of Medicine, they provide a medical publication called Vaccine-induced Covid-19 Mimicry Syndrome that says, "...mRNA coding for Spike protein can be spliced in a way that the transmembrane anchor of Spike is lost, so that nearly full-length Spike [protein] is secreted from cells. Secreted Spike variants could potentially initiate severe side effects when binding to cells via the ACE2 receptor."

The findings above perfectly explain the dangerous side effects being experienced in thousands, perhaps even millions, of vaccine recipients, a narrative that sounds very familiar to anyone who watches television or popular zombie movies.

Another zombie outbreak comparison exhibits more fascinating parallels.

Another intriguing comparison.


Governments can tell us it was an accidental lab leak and there are two types of people who will either believe them or not. Depending on the level of emotional maturity, one person cannot accommodate such far reaching implications of governments intentionally releasing a bioengineered virus to manufacture order and stability, while another person may be unsurprised that governments and corporations would go to such lengths in cementing their control.

Even though the covid mandates and lockdowns have contributed to greater wealth disparity, depression, suicide, closure of small businesses, draconian mass tracking of people, unethical and dangerous experimental vaccine mandates, most people must adhere to the dominant paradigm at all costs, like the child in our earlier thought experiment who quickly clings to the authority of their parent when faced with uncomfortable or unfamiliar situations. The purpose of today's publication aims at educating the reader in such a way that the mental furnishings we have developed together will garner a greater synthesis of complex ideas and information, thereby creating a more comprehensive framework of objectivity and reasoning.

In an era of military style psychological propaganda being presented to us as entertainment, it behooves us, those who are still capable of original thought, to think carefully about the narratives and counter narratives we are exposed to. How much can we trust big pharma and other 1% organizations like the media? Historically, how often do these organizations tell the truth? Should our decision making processes rely on the neatly packaged suppositions being spoon fed to us by the CNNs and the Alex Jones, or should we take further intellectual precautions toward the betterment of our friends and families? Do the claims and counterclaims themselves lay to rest the grievances or discrepancies being found by various researchers around the world, or do they serve mostly to confuse and distract us from the application of more valid treatment options? On TV, we are often presented with ideas like "divide and conquer", but perhaps that's because we are being insulated against the real culprit: the nature of clinical obfuscation.

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