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The Red Queen of Martyrdom

On the rich man’s television they will speak of the patriarchy, but they will never mention the secrecy of the red queen who actually controls the fake patriarchy itself in an affront to unity of sexes.

Lady Gaga presiding over American presidents

The red queen motif in human mythos represents the naturally repressed destructive psychology of the female spirit, all the negative feminine aspects like division instead of solidarity, selfishness instead of selflessness, greed instead of charity.

Celebrity Artist marina abramović

Here on earth, countless millions of men have been sent to their deaths against their will in fake wars. Millions of men have died in the coal mines, the diamond mines, the copper, silver and gold mines. Here on earth, men are an expendable nuisance, a scapegoat for all the world’s problems. Men are even twice as likely to commit suicide in a seemingly unimportant bit of tangential trivia that never seems to be addressed. Men die before their wives, often times of diseases that seem to target masculinity itself.

Suicide Statistics

Monogamy favors the biological predisposition of women while savagely curtailing the biology of men with vindictive guilt, shame and absolute subservience. Women are favored in divorce, custody of children, government assistance and even a willingness to simply listen and be heard which ultimately contributes to the secret male obsession with suicide.

To this very day, young boys are still suffering silently the agony of male genital mutilation, what doctors call circumcision.

Celebrity Artist marina abramović

The male spirit itself in these young boys often pacified by mind numbing, psychotropic medications for the misdiagnosed ADD/ADHD euphemism of the young masculine spirit of discovery and ingenuity.

Indeed the patriarchy itself as we know the term resembles only a fleeting, shallow favoritism of men, distracting them just long enough to keep on dying silently for the next 1000 years just as they have been previously since the birth of civilization.

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