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What do you eat?

What are your initial thoughts regarding the first picture below?

Now in the picture below: in one of these cultures, the children’s teeth fall out rotten. In the other culture children’s teeth stay in. Can anyone guess which is which?

You may have heard of a technique called “intermittent fasting,” and it works wonders for a variety of ailments. Have you ever wondered why?

Did you know that only carnivores are capable of “intermittent fasting”? Lions, for instance, often go days without eating.

The metabolic requirements for herbivores, on the other hand, are extreme due to the low nutritional value of their primary diet (grasses, leaves, sedge etc) so they spend their entire waking hours eating. Gorillas, for instance, have to spend more than half of each day just eating. Can you imagine spending that much time eating per day?

Did you know that there’s no such thing as an “essential carbohydrate?” There are only “essential fatty acids.”

Ever wonder why humans are so good at marathon sports? Not every animal can survive a marathon. Wolves, for instance, have more stamina than their prey, sometimes chasing them for days just like human hunters of the Hadza tribe in Africa.

Lastly, when you feed humans nothing but carbs, they die. When you feed humans nothing but fat, they live. The choice is yours.

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