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Amoral Conduct of the Industrial Mindset

Westerners are in the grips of a powerful trance. Paralyzed are they by contradictions. Western industrialists claim to be fighting against themselves and yet have no discernable enemy. While secret objectives continue unabated, westerners hide behind intellectual oversimplifications of conspiracy, limited thought forms obviously given to them by their masters. Turn off the television if you still can and help change the world.


Ethnocentric hubris of the western industrial and medical mindset results in the unnecessary deaths of untold millions in just the last 5 years alone. A "license to practice medicine" is actually a "license to kill" (so called "Healthcare" is actually "deathcare"), in that mass murder charges are never considered due to the fallacious allopathic mindset of breaking a few eggs to save a few hens. Meanwhile, the white Christian Jewish government and their indoctrinated citizen allies will feign conspiracy, with an intellectually weak argument, as they brutally target the shamans, curanderas and medicine men bringing forth actual healing to this planet and these people, to the plants and to the animals, to all emanations who have come forth seeking a better life.

The western medical mindset revels in their own self-identified ignorance, constantly mystified about the impossibility of their own ridiculous public misperceptions.

On the one hand, they claim to have intellectual authority over you, and yet, on the other hand, they will freely admit they know nothing about the mysteries surrounding Corona (just like everything else).

I will not ever be contracting this illness, just as I will never be contracting cancer, nor any other engineered attack being distributed by government corporations into the lives of innocent people (including children) because I have access to consummate medical literature from scientific peer reviewed journals and you can too.

When we are watching television as a people, the range of possibilities within our minds becomes confined, directly influencing the realms of our conscious experience, what we perceive as "life".

If we can disengage with what we have come to think is "real", with the lies, illusions and delusions found on the rich man's television, the mind and body can achieve such states of total awareness, they would seem improbable to any regular TV watcher person.


Small pox vaccines proved to be effective against monkey pox, but really, any antiviral approach, either plant or pill, will have just as positive results because of the nature of viruses themselves.

Just as we saw with the genetically engineered bioweapon called Sars-covid-2, though the illness can be dangerous, it is still based on the original Corona virus taken and genetically modified from the Zhoushan bat virus (as documented by Chinese virologist Dr. Li Meng Yan, among many other doctors from around the world), meaning that certain nutrient pathways produce effective prevention protocols unavailable in industrial medicine.

The white Nazi Christian and Jewish controlled big pharma medical journals of the world took nearly 3 years to produce relevant assertions regarding Corona, while myself and my colleagues easily determined many of the same assertions in late 2019 with freely available peer-reviewed, scientific medical literature.

While the western mindset was bumbling about in countless contradictions and fallacies of oversimplification, millions of people died unnecessarily, and yet most of the voter base around the world remains totally unaware of this situation.


Our money in the national coffers are being looted, pilfered and plundered because most people in this country are living in the stone-age, mentally, due to their absolute reliance on legacy media and social media. We need to bring everyone up to speed as quickly as possible so that we can stop the financial hemorrhaging that attempts to destabilize this country. As people gain greater levels of awareness, they will become more confident and decisive, making it harder for the false dichotomy to control their thoughts and actions. If you are still capable of original thought, please use loving kindness to explain this information to all the Covid Karens so that we can dismantle the oversimplifications being fostered in our people.


Given the time period we are currently living through, having to do with the gravitational time dilation of our current life experience, we will see many desperate measures enacted by corporations and governments as they attempt to maintain control structures.

During this time of accelerated conscious manifestation, the television and social media will attempt to high jack your awareness with fear, scarcity and uncertainty so that you do not consciously participate in the alteration of our universe and the betterment of all life.

If you are still capable of original thought, it would behoove you, just as it behooves me, to sit calmly, in a centered mind state, determining our personal desires and then personally enacting them with the strength and determination of our own wills.

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