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How to time travel

Due to the fractal nature of physical objects, many physics principles (including those principles found in chemistry, mathematics and astronomy) both emulate and resemble general fluid dynamics.

Aerodynamics, hydrodynamics, fire dynamics, liquefaction, geology, and more, are all routinely studied using the principles of general fluid dynamics. Why?

In ancient human scriptures, there are many explanations about the tendencies of physical objects; one of the most famous being "as above so below".

"Like begets like," represents another relevant human idiom about the law of similarity, often referred to by the Gestalt principles.

Humans contain a great wisdom, naturally receiving intuition about the nature of existence and the reason why humans document such idioms reveals the importance and necessity of the descriptions themselves.

In a famous experiment conducted by the astonishing invention of John DeMoss and Kevin Cahill of the Department of Physics & Astronomy at the University of New Mexico, we can see potential applications of the principles documented.

When colored dye enters into the substrate of the stationary water, the water can be rotated to mix the dye into an indistinguishable mass of color, but when we reverse the rotation, the dye separates itself back into its distinct colors and positions, as if the water was never mixed at all.

Humans are beginning to comprehend the nature of so called space-time by describing it through conceptual models such as semi-fluid or superfluid, which must be relevant due to the fractal nature of physical objects as they pertain to general fluid dynamics.

There have already been several fluid-like models made to describe space travel or time travel by using the principles of funnel dynamics to conceptualize gravitational time dilation. It's no accident that a fluid principled funnel qualifies as an accurate conceptual model when attempting to describe the physics principles behind space and time.

In the famous laminar flow experiment mentioned above, the water represents the fabric of space and time, while the addition of the colored dye represents the nature of physical objects occurring in the substrate of the universe. Theoretically, if we can find suitable analogs to the conceptual model provided by the experiment, we could potentially begin altering the coefficients to reverse time itself, which would also help make concrete predictions about the future by using the same process in reverse.


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