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Humanity's True Identity

No one is prepared to make any definitive assertions regarding the true timeframe of human existence on earth; therefore, a definitive authority over our own autonomy cannot be had.

I, on the other hand, can and will and do make such assertions, much to the beguilement of deranged normie TV watchers.

As impossible as some of these assertions may seem, they are all validated and substantiated by consummate archaeological evidence.

Thankfully, negation is not refutation.

Take, for instance, this 290 million year old human footprint documented in 2015 on the website.

If modern day humans really knew how long we have lived on this planet, our limited states of emotional development might be perceived by us as a red flag, necessitating ever more examination.

We have been living on this planet for nearly 300 million years and yet we still kill each other and pollute the planet because of misperceived differences concerning race and creed? Or does there exist a mysterious force keeping us in a limited state of awareness and confusion?

Ancient human buildings exhibit knowledge and abilities that are so far beyond our current modern day comprehensions of physics and engineering, their existence seems totally impossible to us in our current state of limited awareness.

The fact that we are no longer capable of reproducing such magnificent engineering should give us pause, but because of manufactured distractions like the TV or celebrities or scarcity, no momentum toward self-discovery ever forms in the human condition.

On the television they will tell us aliens built the pyramids or that gods came down from heaven to teach humans about science and astronomy, but the truth of our situation here on earth is far more interesting and even more unbelievable.

From our modern perspective of sitting in traffic, corporate maleficence and asinine industrial pollution, few of us could even entertain the idea that we are actually the gods being talked about in those ancient texts.

On the television they intentionally present to us these ideas of gods and immortality being held by a single entity or being like Zeus or Hera, but here on earth, the immortal human organism does not exist in a single temporary human vessel, but in the countless generations of our progeny and ancestors, who have been here for perhaps longer than even 1 billion years, forming the permanent tapestry of human life on earth, like trees in a forest.

Epilogue: Although 300 million years may seem like a long time, there have been many legitimate problems identified with the typical sedimentary dating system found in modern academia (along with carbon dating techniques). In order to substantiate the gravity of the assertions being presented here today, we could easily apply a 95% error potential with respect to the original sedimentary dating of the human foot print. If we include such a drastic potential error rate as the one offered above, the timeframe of human existence would still be around 15 million years, so the original purpose and intent of this article would still stand.

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