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Ladies of Liberty: Climate Scientist Dr. Judith Curry

Nowadays, men have been so beaten down and demonized, there are not many strong enough or willing enough to withstand the deluge onslaught of ideological attacks from low-information-posh-middle-class-drug-and-tv-addicted-group-think progressive liberals.

In fact, in many admirable cases, women have had to bear the responsibility of notifying the masses by jeopardizing their professional reputations. Modern feminists, of course, do not even make a peep, as they have not been specifically mobilized by the corporate media to defend these heretics.

Dr. Judith Curry addressing the US Senate

Take for instance this woman, Dr. Judith Curry, a notable climate scientist and former chair of School of Earth and Atmospheric Sciences at the Georgia Institute of Technology.

After reviewing the so called “climate gate” emails, in which the science of climate change consensus was clearly being manufactured by corporate money and the IPCC, Dr. Judith Curry found herself in the cross hairs, labeled by corporate propaganda as a “climate heretic”.

Interestingly, heretical language does seem to follow original thinkers of our day, just as it did during the witch burning period, illustrating just how little ideological progress we have made as a people as a result of state backed education.

In yet another disturbing example of the totally expendable and cannibalistic nature of leftist foot-soldiers, Dr. Judith Curry came under fire for having a reasonable, well thought out and well cited dissenting opinion. Even with her stellar credentials that were previously of value to the bloodthirsty liberal horde, Dr. Judith Curry’s former supporters quickly debased and minimized her entire life’s work.

In this new Ladies of Liberty series I am producing, we will examine in great detail, the countless women who have moved to illuminate the minds of our people, who have fallen on many deaf ears, and, who have been ruthlessly attacked by their own female ideologues as a result of their natural desires, like those of Dr. Judith Curry.

Note from the Author: I am a liberal environmental ecologist with a science degree from San Francisco State University. I have studied climate science for nearly 15 years and arrived at the same conclusions as Dr. Judith Curry without needing to rely on the climate gate emails. While I acknowledge the serious need to reduce industrial pollution, I cannot condone the blatant usurpation of such a social movement by mega-conglomerate corporations, nor their attacks on real, well-read scientists. In previous articles and scientific presentations, I have documented how leftist corporations greenwash their own highly destructive industrial practices by mobilizing and propagandizing progressive liberals like myself and my dear friends into generating their profits. The conversation being had here is not one of simply “climate denial”, a term obviously coined by greenwashed corporations, but a more nuanced exchange, parsing out the propaganda from the real details.

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