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Manipulation by corporations

Of course, these fucking Nazis won't tell you the full story of climate change after getting many of you addicted to this science denier mindset through repetitive emotional and psychological trauma manipulation.

Yes, the climate currently changes. Yes, CO2 does have an effect on the atmosphere. When we examine the interglacial periods dating back 1.8 million years, we notice that we are currently at the highest point of sea level rise in a consistent cycle of back and forth glaciation that never stops.

Here's where things get interesting. Corporations, who are pivoting for profits in the new carbon credit economy, are telling you that if we reduce CO2 by buying their electric products, the climate will magically return to normal, all we have to do is buy 10 million electric cars.

There's this thing though called solar forcing; it's what drives the interglacial periods on Earth, constantly modified by solar energy input cycles. When we examine the solar forcing effect on our climate, we see temperature lag correspondence on Earth, meaning that it takes a little time for the temperature to increase and decrease along the interglacial periods in the geologic timescale.

Corporations are attempting to sell you 10 million electric cars (along with a 2600% increase in mining of certain "sustainable" minerals for electric batteries). In buying all these electric cars, corporations and news media outlets are presenting this grand idea as if we can actually stop solar forcing by reducing CO2 output.

The Earth remains hundreds of times smaller than the Sun, and, with the Sun producing so much energy, it becomes easy to comprehend how it greatly influences not only our climate, but other planets in the solar system. CO2 is actually not the prime cause of the change in climate we are witnessing, but many of you have been so ruthlessly propagandized by manipulative corporate narratives, many will not be capable of comprehending the message I am attempting to convey to you.

That's why we must seriously study the interglacial periods in the geological timescale because when we do, we can recognize that, although the sensationalized climate change portrayal by the media looks daunting, the climate cycles we are experiencing presently are relatively normal. This Knowledge has a profoundly calming and centering effect on people once they fully comprehend the nature of these climate cycles on Earth.

Solar forcing also remains a very important factor of Earth climate because the solar cycles are directly correlative with the climate cycles on Earth, including interglacial periods. There exists an obvious temperature lag time with respect to solar energy output, and that output obviously dictates the interglacial periods.

On the television, corporations present to us a staggering conflation of CO2 pollution with regard to industrial petrochemical pollution. They are not the same. While we are all happily reducing CO2 pollution by purchasing millions of environmentally destructive batteries from human rights violators like China, through the psychological manipulation being conducted by the media and corporations, industrial petrochemical pollution (including plastic) continues to run rampant with no sign of intervention.

Both conservative and liberal mindsets have been totally and utterly mystified by the false dichotomy as it presents itself to us with the help of the television. The elephant in the room reaches such gargantuan size that all other reasonable aspects on the topic are summarily drowned out by the implication of science deniers and so called environmentalists. Meanwhile, amoral corporations are making a killing on this new totally arbitrary carbon credit economy. For example, until recently, the Tesla car company was making more profits from carbon credit trading than it did on actually selling cars, obviously being primarily a carbon credit wholesaler than a car manufacturer.

While the whole lot of us continues to be hoodwinked by flashy CEOs and the fast paced news cycle, serious money flows from us to them as a result of rampant environmental degradation and Rockstar attitudes that hide it. The success of such psychological manipulation campaigns wholly resides in the destitute ignorance of the participants, that is precisely why we must study, in great detail, the interglacial periods in the geological timescale along with the nuances of solar forcing so that we can put a stop to this usury!

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