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Manipulation by corporations

Pfizer, one of the most evil corporations in history (who are quite literally German Nazis) continues to promote the climate change mindset that just so happens to coincide with legacy media and most scientific journals (both being owned by 6 of the most amoral corporations on Earth).

Of course, these fucking Nazis won't tell you the full story of climate change after getting many of you addicted to this science denier mindset through repetitive emotional and psychological trauma manipulation.

Yes, the climate currently changes. Yes, CO2 does have an effect on the atmosphere. When we examine the interglacial periods dating back 1.8 million years, we notice that we are currently at the highest point of sea level rise in a consistent cycle of back and forth glaciation that never stops.

Here's where things get interesting. Corporations, who are pivoting for profits in the new carbon credit economy, are telling you that if we reduce CO2 by buying their electric products, the climate will magically return to normal, all we have to do is