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North Korea and the biggest pyramid on Earth

Historically, white Jewish-Christians regularly install various foreign dictators, thereby maintaining cashflow to their lucrative industrial war machines. Existential threats, as they are portrayed in the white Jewish-Christian owned news outlets assist in gathering funds and consolidating power, what the white man calls “stability”.

A secondary function of North Korea utilizes illegal drug trade from opium, human trafficking and money laundering for all the world's white western countries.

The Kim family has deep ties to Switzerland and their allies have included Poland, Russia, Stalin, Mao, Trump and Dennis Rodman, among many others. With formal education for North Korean dictators provided by Europe, China and Russia, North Korea has been able to facilitate many secret deals that would otherwise not be possible in normal countries with more public records.

Unlike most modern buildings, the North Korean pyramid consists mostly of solid concrete and not steel. As a result of so much concrete, the sand content is astronomical, meaning that this is the largest piezoelectric quartz building ever constructed.

Much like the Giza pyramids and the Mexican pyramid at Chichen Itza, the Pyongyang pyramid resides closely to the Taedong River, as well as deep underground water flows for the purposes of energy harvesting and generation (just like the famous Nikola Tesla tower).

In Giza, researchers are well aware that the great pyramid "aims" at the star constellation of Orion, indicating that the power generated from the pyramid complex gets shunted, somehow, to these star clusters. The North Korean pyramid does not resemble other pyramids on Earth, especially with a design that relies on a far more concaved form factor, making it hard to identify where exactly all this energy goes and for what purpose.

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