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Progressives maintain voters through chemical castration

Updated: Apr 20

Note from the author: I am an environmental ecologist trained in San Francisco, California advocating for free education, freedom of choice, informed consent, free speech and pro second amendment rights. Due to my intimate personal experiences with the corporatized progressive liberal agenda and my scientific background, I compiled the following documentation. I take issue with how my friends and family are being manipulated on a genetic level and mobilized by corporations without their knowledge nor consent. BACKGROUND

Professor of Integrative Biology at University of California, Berkeley, Dr. Tyrone Hayes, found that endocrine disrupting pesticides and herbicides demasculinize and feminize male frogs.

Michigan Technological University identifies frogs as a valuable bio-indicator species because their delicate biology can give indications of toxins present in the environment that pose risk to the ecosystem and its inhabitants.

The Journal of Frontiers In Endocrinology says, "Some in vitro and in vivo [human] studies have shown that glyphosate and its formulations exhibit estrogen-like properties", much like Dr. Tyrone Hayes findings regarding feminized frogs and exposure to endocrine disrupting chemicals.

United States Geological Survey mapped the endocrine disruptor pesticide and herbicide usage in the United States.

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