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Progressives maintain voters through chemical castration

Updated: Apr 20, 2023

Note from the author: I am an environmental ecologist trained in San Francisco, California advocating for free education, freedom of choice, informed consent, free speech and pro second amendment rights. Due to my intimate personal experiences with the corporatized progressive liberal agenda and my scientific background, I compiled the following documentation. I take issue with how my friends and family are being manipulated on a genetic level and mobilized by corporations without their knowledge nor consent. BACKGROUND

Professor of Integrative Biology at University of California, Berkeley, Dr. Tyrone Hayes, found that endocrine disrupting pesticides and herbicides demasculinize and feminize male frogs.

Michigan Technological University identifies frogs as a valuable bio-indicator species because their delicate biology can give indications of toxins present in the environment that pose risk to the ecosystem and its inhabitants.

The Journal of Frontiers In Endocrinology says, "Some in vitro and in vivo [human] studies have shown that glyphosate and its formulations exhibit estrogen-like properties", much like Dr. Tyrone Hayes findings regarding feminized frogs and exposure to endocrine disrupting chemicals.

United States Geological Survey mapped the endocrine disruptor pesticide and herbicide usage in the United States.

As part of its profit model, Monsanto produces both RoundUp, the glyphosate based endocrine disrupting herbicide, as well as "round up ready" genetically modified plants and seeds that can tolerate being sprayed with the poison.

The Journal of Toxicology found that glyphosate-based herbicides are toxic and endocrine disruptors in human cell lines, also causing hormonal imbalance.

CNN documented the 2 billion dollar ($2,000,000,000) lawsuit that proved glyphosate RoupndUp causes cancer. (Baum Hedlund Lawfirm)

The Journal of Environmental Health found that 99% of pregnant women are contaminated with high levels of glyphosate RoundUp, an endocrine disrupting herbicide. Of the children who were born from contaminated mothers, lower birth weights, less fetal development and higher instances of admission to neonatal intensive care units were recorded.

The Journal of Reviews On Environmental Health says that exposure to endocrine disrupting substances cause life-long disorders in women's reproductive systems. Female reproductive disorders caused by toxic chemicals likely have an impact on the development of future children in the womb. For example, a weaponized chemical herbicide developed in the 1950s still causes birth defects to this very day, much like the commercial chemical herbicide Monsanto RoundUp. (BBC)


CBS News documents notable progressive liberal leader, former president Barack Obama, as publicly protecting the Monsanto corporation, a corporation well-known for producing endocrine disrupting chemicals. (Huffington Post, Yahoo News, Huffington Post, NPR, New York Times, Reuters)

The Guardian documents yet another rich and powerful progressive liberal leader, software engineer Bill Gates and the Gates foundation's long-term support of Monsanto. (Seattle Times, France24, Huffington Post, Indiana Public Media, Seattle Global Justice)

Washington Examiner documents the relationship between big ag, Monsanto and the Pelosi family of California. (Business Insider 1 & 2)

Gavin Newsom, one of the most famous progressive liberal leaders, happens to be an illustrious California wine tycoon and yet never seems to mention that 100% of California wines test positive for dangerous levels of glyphosate RoundUp. 99% of American mothers tested were found to be urinating glyphosate RoundUp. In another study, 93% of Americans tested, both males and females and children, were also urinating glyphosate RoundUp.


Regular exposure to endocrine disruptors like pesticides, herbicides, glyphosate, atrazine and phthalates from plastic have been found to feminize fetuses, feminize boys, reduce the number of male births, decrease sperm counts, decrease fertility and cause questioning of gender.

Endocrine disruptors like glyphosate are known to cause depression-like symptoms because of how they affect neurology.

Gay and bisexual men have suicide rates three times higher than the national average. In a another study, 82% of transgender individuals considered suicide at some time.

Rates of serious drug addiction in the transgender community are disproportionately higher than national averages; with heavy drug use being an important aspect of the identity of voting age progressive liberals. (Journal of Adolescent Health)

Quite feasibly, Prenatal Caffeine-Poisoning-Induced Addiction Syndrome could very well accompany the gender questioning dynamic caused by chemical castration.

Corporations and their political counterparts take full advantage of a serious lack of mental stability, created by exposure to industrial pollution: the entire apparatus of the corporatized progressive liberal platform seems to target the mentally deranged in order to facilitate corporate agendas.


We can easily avoid endocrine disruption by living more naturally. Plastic packaged products from large grocery store conglomerates always contain endocrine disruptors in multiple forms (residual pesticides, phthalate plasticizers, additives). Samples can be sent in for testing to facilities like the Great Plains Laboratory.

Finding like-minded farmers at local farmer's markets will ensure you are purchasing food that does not experience direct contamination by synthetic sprays or chemicals. Once the appropriate farmers and ranchers are identified, samples can be sent in for testing.


While Monsanto's endocrine disruption functions through bipartisan support, the conservative members of the false dichotomy are utilized as controlled opposition, while the liberal members are the tip of the spear pushing the legislation and the culture. For example, the Biden administration provides children access to puberty blockers and fake hormones while calling it "gender-affirming health care" in one of the newest and most lucrative big pharma industries to date.

Children are not even allowed to pick their own bedtime and yet they are picking their gender; not only that, but doing so while living in an invisible sea of feminizing chemicals that are well-known to affect our gender identity.

At this time, millions of people in the recent generations, born between the 1980s to the 2020s (ages 1 to their 30s or 40s) are being genetically altered by long-term exposure to synthesized estrogenic compounds intentionally distributed by the global industrial legal framework.

Mentally deranged progressive liberals, addicted to a variety of substances due to their altered brain chemistry, are suffering from endocrine disruption and intergenerational drug abuse. Such individuals, as listed above, are then brutally targeted as potential voters with super-advanced psychological propaganda. The entire LGBTQ narrative, including the process of feminization, originates from the very same people who own the industrial complex itself, the media and education and, coincidently, the government as a desperate means to maintain control. (CNBC, Forbes, The Guardian, The Atlantic, Time)

Reverse genetic manipulation today. Schedule an environmental consulting appointment for you, your home, your food and your life with NewGreener consulting.

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