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Reattainment of ancient human super genetics

Updated: Jan 30, 2023

Would you like to strengthen and establish healthy and original human genetics? Would you like to redefine what it means to be a person? Would you like to transcend emotional trauma stored deep within your physical tissue that may very well be leading to chronic and terminal illnesses?

There have been many serious assaults on the integrity of Earth's natural genetic heritage and these assaults have come with absolutely no approval from the greater body of natural humans. Instead, important decisions about the future of human, plant and animal genetics are being made by the most immoral corporations and governments on Earth, as they are shoving their blatant propaganda down our throats, as if these unhinged experiments can be somehow guaranteed safe. GMO food, genetically modified mosquitos, genetically modified moths, genetically modified pigs, genetically modified cows, genetically modifying injections, genetically modifying pesticides and herbicides, food additives that alter genetics, environmental factors that alter human genetics, among many others, are all negatively interacting with our DNA, increasing the instances of severe disease and illness. Western medical institutions, with the help of barbaric fake white interventionists, attempt to tell you they have no idea why you're getting sick because it's just "random".

Did you know that even the famous philosopher scientist Socrates was murdered by the state for refusing to accept blatant lies put forth by fat bureaucratic pigs? Many such intellectual interventions throughout human history, just like this one, in which attempts are routinely made at reaching the public and illuminating the minds of all emanations, have been met with nothing but tyranny and subterfuge and violence from low-information statist sympathizers.

There are many wonderous personal explorations I would like to share with all people, with all life, but these ideas are so foreign and antithetical to the current status quo, intense herd pressure from advanced psychological propaganda makes it nearly impossible for many people to leave their carefully manufactured mental confinements.

Indeed, these people, who are experiencing seriously oppressive mental slavery from the most brutal ethnocentric indoctrination imaginable, will, in many cases, attack outright any opinion that attempts to uncover the deliberate machinations put forth by fake white medical interventionism.

Throughout human history, violently exclusive and misogynistic institutions of all colors and creeds have employed sexual limitations to distort and destroy the God-like nature of the innocent human spirit. Christian chastity, the Muslim elimination of lust, Jewish sexual shame, global religious monogamy, female genital mutilation of Africa, Male genital mutilation of the United States and Europe, all of these techniques have a singular purpose: the total disruption of the human spiritual immune system we call true love.

In our modern day, they call it semen retention, they call it no nut November, they call abstinence a legitimate way to avoid sexually transmitted diseases. Of course, these same fake white interventionists will never explain that the true purposes behind such diseases, though they are easily curable in secret, all have a prime directive in discouraging the act of human love making.

As we are addressing such topics, the mind will tend to defend its sensibilities by relying on statist propaganda to substantiate the deprivation of human closeness, love that culminates in a symphony of important and totally essential neurochemical cascades that generate perfect physical health.

There have been many sexual revolutions throughout the ages, but they are mostly all dealt with in the same way, as the pendulum of taboos and cultural limitations swings between limited thoughtforms of oversimplified false dichotomies like liberal and conservative, religions or atheism, rights and wrongs.

If you are still capable of original thought, if you would like to reinvigorate the natural vitality stored deep within your DNA, you may be capable of the total attainment of ancient human super genetics.

What they tell you are your priorities on the television or internet may not necessarily be for your truest benefit, no matter how it may seem to you on the outside. I am here today to offer you the opportunity to meet yourself, in a way that many would never even think could be possible.

In my personal one on one sessions, we discuss both modern and ancient traditions that will assist us in the reattainment of our original selves, utilizing biophysics, microbiology, brain and gut chemistry, ayurveda, prana, yoga, qigong, and more. Take my one on one yoga class called "Secrets of the Universe". Sign up at Note from the author: I am from the Native American tribe called the Miakan of South Texas. My people have lived in the Rio Grande valley for over 20,000 years, interacting with various genetics as a result of Pan American history.

By my family, I am regarded as a “curandero”, a type of healing shaman with innate knowledge beyond the scope of my physical experience. The true origin of this expertise has nothing to do with what I’ve physically and personally experienced in this life, or even anything to do with who I am as a person, but more to do with the ancient memories and information encoded in my DNA that colors my personality and desires.

In this ancient shamanic tradition, my people will say this knowledge comes from the totem animals, from visions, from spirits and from our ancestors and all of these assertions are correct because they are all interacting with my DNA and what the western scientific mindset calls “hereditary epigenetics”.

As a result of my diverse genetic lineage, I contain various “memories” or “epigenetic traits” from “Black Native American Indians”, from “White Native American Indians”, from “Red Native American Indians”, from “Asian Native American Indians”, from “Inuit Native American Indians” and perhaps even many others I am not currently aware.

Having access to this type of epigenetic information contained within my DNA provides me with intuition and connate wisdom about ancient global symbology, biology, astrology, chemistry, physics, astronomy, etc. that literally feel like memories to me. This is how and why I continue to illustrate secret information for the betterment of all life.

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