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Silver Circlet of Sattvananda

Updated: Jan 13

Long ago, silver was actually more precious than gold. In many of the ancient human cultures, it was actually silver that stood at the forefront of fashion and technology, more than gold or copper, but why? Silver is actually more conductive than gold, that's why scientists and engineers use extremely thin coats of silver nanoparticles to create some of the world's strongest superconductors.

My Silver Circlets are made from the purest form of American silver. Pure silver has been found in material science to promote electromagnetic shielding and interference shielding in electrical engineering.

Silver has even been used to create superconductors which further illustrates its usefulness in shielding and absorption because electrical energy attracts very strongly to pure silver.

In medical science, silver promotes biocompatibility in the human body meaning it promotes health, healing and vitality.

In electrical engineering, the same principles are used in the construction of automobile 'alternators'. Alternators and other types of coils use a single length of copper wound wire to increase the efficiency and capacity of the energy mitigation and transference, the same design parameters I use in my silver circlet. In my silver circlet, both ends are welded together to create a continuous length which completes the 'circuit', enhancing the overall beneficial properties of the silver circlet

The shape of the silver circlet is also very important as it follows the natural design templates of our universe much like many of the fruits and vegetables we eat in a circular form; this form can be found again in electrical engineering, physics and cosmology, most famously in the Large Hadron Collider.

The reason why this shape used in scientific applications because it concentrates energy in the center of the circle form, similar to a torus in a magnetic field.

Indeed circular forms themselves promote life in our galaxy as they contain the counterspace morphology of the hyperboloid, the origins of the symbolic tree of life that emanates from the null point/'zero point' located in the center.

When we wear the silver circlet, the null point of energy surrounds our throat chakra, protecting it from outside influences like EMF pollution. This design also promotes thyroid health as it arrests the negative energy before it can get to the lymphatic system control center.

I specifically adopted ancient traditional fundamentals in order to create the Silver Circlet design because their comprehension of material science as it pertains to our subtle body far exceeds our own knowledge today.

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