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The Grand Conflation: Covid Vaccine Adverse Reactions, Monkeypox and Autoimmune Disorders

Nuts and bolts of contemporary conflation

Our people are of such pure hearts and good will, they will not detect the machinations facilitated by corporation governments. In the 21st century, ignorance of such clinically contrived conflations can (and has) resulted in countless millions unnecessary deaths of innocents. Mysteries of mass Stockholm Syndrome aside, these are the nuts and bolts of obfuscation and the science of professional corporate conflation.

Well known in peer reviewed, scientific medical literature are the adverse skin lesion reactions to lipid nanoparticle components in mRNA Covid-19 vaccines.

Below we see some examples of such adverse skin lesion reactions to mRNA Covid-19 injections.

Recently, Russian diplomats suggested that Monkeypox could have originated in American controlled biolabs.