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True History of the Americas

Hey do you want to take down the white patriarchy? Cool because that means we need to reclaim our indigenous history.

The British crown (working through the federal government) intentionally hides human origins from us so we don't take rightful title of the land.

Through the ignorance of participating in a fraudulent transaction (caveat emptor/buyer beware), the British crown maintains fake ownership of these lands, hence their continued destruction of them despite our protest.

The pernicious nature of “HIS-story” as seen through the lens of ‘liberal arts’ (an old money meat shield) facilitates the white narrative that presumes ‘whites brought blacks to the new world’.

Anyone participating in said narrative becomes ‘radicalized’ against their own interests (whatever ‘race’ they happen to be they are defending an illegitimate white/jewish british narrative by default).

Thankfully some historical and archeological records are still available to the public despite the attempts of unconscious white British apologists minimizing their stupendousness.

Several Mesoamerican artifacts support this rendition

Olmec in particular were extremely diverse

Indeed the Olmec even contain Asian phenotypes possibly from ancient Chinese voyages in the distant past.

Curious archaeological similarities necessitate ever more questions.

Historical records indicate in the whole of north south and Mesoamerica ‘African phenotypes’ were cohabitating with ‘Asian phenotypes’ as well as ‘white phenotypes’, ‘Mexican Indian phenotypes’ and ‘red Indian phenotypes’ all before the narrative of ‘discovering the new world’.

Using the common vernacular certain white, Asian, black, red and dark brown family lineages occurring in the united states are literally ‘Native American’. They can be identified by their O blood type as well as a higher degree of genetic diversity.

Much of this information given to me by an African mystic the rest I have assembled specifically to share with you all here today and in the future.

Native Taino of Puerto Rico

‘White Indians' of panama.

Duhare — Irish “Indians” in South Carolina? — Legends of America

A Californian coastal Miwok with Asian phenotype.

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