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Why do herbivores eat meat?

Updated: Jun 14

Can anyone guess why herbivores eat meat? Can anyone identify a legitimate vegan vertebrate mammal to share with the rest of us?

Various human control structures utilize guilt, shame and hubris to maintain the subjugation of surface dwelling humans through a reliance on limited states of conscious awareness.

Much like religion uses guilt and shame to maintain monogamy in the face of over 50% divorce rates, much like western governments enforce single family dwelling units against traditional polyandrous and polygamous tribal structures, the corporatized vegan agenda utilizes guilt, shame, hubris and advanced psychological manipulation to deprive humans of adequate nutrition. Long-term, intergenerational nutrient deficiency causes mass neurological impairment as a means of control.

Have you ever heard of food deserts? Have you ever wondered why fake corporate hollywood celebrities promote vegan lifestyles?

The artificial control structure on earth keeps humans in a limited state of awareness by withholding vital nutrients from their families and their children and by surreptitiously deputizing them as unofficial vegan and vegetarian enforcement officers.

Have you ever wondered why human brains have been shrinking for the past ten thousand years?

As humans were ushered into ancient and modern artificial urban dwelling unit macro-power generation networks, the global culture of independent thinking had to be curtailed by the overall reduction in brain mass and cranial capacity.

Did you know that typical modern meat eaters are only consuming around twenty five percent meat in a "healthy and balanced meal"? That means modern humans, typical "meat eaters", who are besieged by countless chronic illnesses, are themselves consuming plant based food plans because over seventy five percent of their food comes from plants. Because of regular exposure to numerous toxic plant acids, "healthy and balanced" meal plans are themselves responsible for nutrient deficiencies Nutrient deficiencies, in large part, contribute to the epidemic of chronic illness.

Did you know fatty complexes like vitamin B-12 are responsible for the complete experience of human health? Vitamin B-12 builds our blood, our arteries, our bones, our nervous systems and even our brains. Vitamin B-12 deficiencies cause depression, paranoia, mental delusions, memory loss, incontinence and many more serious chronic illnesses.

Did you know carbohydrate based diets have been found in the publicly available medical literature to contribute to neurological degeneration, brain shrinkage, Alzheimer's, Parkinson's and multiple sclerosis?

Did you know that ketogenic and carnivorous human food plans have been found in the publicly available medical literature to reverse neurological conditions like Alzheimer's, Parkinson's and multiple sclerosis? Have you ever wondered why this is so?

The hubris of ethnocentric indoctrination utilizes long-term cultural inculcation in the form of media, news and education outlets to manipulate the good nature of surface dwelling humans. By weaponizing empathy with guilt and shame, peer pressure attempts to steer as many people as possible away from native meat based human food plans of the paleolithic hunter.

Like a bird whose been convinced by the government that it should not fly, or like a fish who has been convinced by the government that they are only meant to breath air, surface dwelling humans live in such a manufactured stupor, many of them cannot even simply entertain these notions long enough to personally investigate the matter for themselves.

While we all argue back and forth over climate change, qanon, capitalism and socialism, and all the other fake government-corporation manufactured talking points, a gigantic theoretical anomaly rests at the edge of our perceptual awareness: the fact that modern, good-natured humans, homo sapiens sapiens, are legitimately, biologically, scientifically verified obligate carnivores.

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