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The 1% operate in a close knit exclusionary group of ultra wealthy pseudo governmental private multinational conglomerates. Odds are none of us have ever met a member of the true 1% even though many of us rely directly on what they have to tell us (tv and social media).

Recently people of color and their white allies developed the terminology of “ACAB” or “All Cops are Bastards” presumably because they finally identified the entire system of ‘law enforcement’ functions against their fundamental interests.

What our people do not currently comprehend: white/industrial multinational institutions ‘are all bastards’ in that they work together as a whole to subjugate the entire world and especially people of color.

Look at Africa or South America or Asia or the Middle East. so called “white people” (Judeo-Christian white Anglo-Saxon Protestant (WASPs)) only comprise around 10 to 20% of the earth’s entire human population and yet they have controlled and demolished indigenous countries and cultures for literally hundreds of years unobstructed. WHY?

Looking beyond the fallacy of race for a moment, we notice the entire industrial mindset has extremely advanced public relations and marketing tactics, developed by the deep psychology of advertisements with the help of corporations like Coca Cola, Tesla, Chiquita banana, Nestle and all the rest. Industry supposedly pollutes our planet and our atmosphere and yet we somehow ‘need’ their products to be ‘happy’. This is the manufactured mindset of contradiction we are currently experiencing as a people as a result of marketing and politics.

While social justice warriors have deemed that ‘all cops are bastards’ they have not yet realized that all parts of the industrial mindset are also bastards. Social justice warriors claim to be fighting against white colonizers like Trump and Biden and Pelosi and yet freely give up their bodies to the white owned industrial complexes like big pharma, big ag, big tech. WHY?

Governments around the world have never provided any tangible improvements to the lives of ‘people of color’ or ‘low income people’. For instance, the American government has not even been able to provide clean water for Flint, Michigan and yet they have been able to mobilize literally trillions of dollars toward the modification of native human RNA and DNA for the COVID-19 spread. WHY?

On the “white man’s” Judeo-Christian WASP industrial backed television, they say vaccines modifying your RNA and DNA are simply Trump conspiracy theories. Now we have arrived back again at the white man’s industrial marketing and advertising campaign. The entire agenda for instituting Trump hinges completely on the oversimplification of information as mere “conservative conspiracy theories”. The very same 1% industrial mindset that has led to “ACAB” also created the dismissal of the “vaccines modify your RNA and DNA conspiracy theory.”

Industrial governments have not taught our people to think outside the box, in fact our people are taught to not question the box itself, or even where the information comes from or why it’s being received at all. This entire situation is precisely how a person who is supposedly against Biden and Trump magically conforms to the global institution of self-imposed, voluntary eugenics, what the white man calls “RNA gene therapy”.

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