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Chemical rape and genetic mutilation

Rather than participating in the manufactured false dichotomy regarding transgenderism, it would behoove any thinker still capable of original thought to momentarily transcend typical talking points of both for and against the topic at hand.

In several of my white papers available online, I documented hardcore scientific evidence regarding the plethora of gender bending chemicals present in our environments because of the industrial mindset.

Pesticides and herbicides in food, phthalate plasticizers in packaging and clothes, genetically modified soy, caffeine, alcohol and even residual pharmaceuticals in the water supply all wreak havoc on our endocrine system, ultimately having a disastrous effect on our hormonal health.

In the famous book entitled "Our stolen future" released way back in 1996, the authors describe exactly the future we are now living through because of endocrine disrupting industrial pollutants.

The book above suggests that long-term exposure to endocrine disrupting industrial pollutants would inhibit our fertility, cause a host of life-long chronic illnesses while also contributing to gender questioning. Authors of the book confirmed dangerous hormonal effects back in their day through a lengthy series of experiments and studies involving animals in the wild as first indicator species.

Because arguments regarding the rights of transgender people originate from the corporatocracy, both for and against, they are conveniently ignorant of the fact that millions of transgender people around the world are actually victims of industrial toxins, most likely having been exposed during the womb as documented by decades of scientific research.

While we are all arguing with each other about the freedom of expression that transgender people have, we are all missing the bigger truth of the matter, how millions of children are having their healthy lives literally stolen from them while they are still in the womb, by the for-profit mindset of industrial pollution.

In my classes and in my papers, I teach about how to reassert healthy human genetics for people who have been poisoned by industrial toxic pollutants. It is not simply a matter of acceptance or solidarity or tolerance, but rather a matter of industrial toxins literally altering children and young adults on a genetic level without their knowledge nor consent, a vicious form of rape that has not even begun to be detected by the woke or the anti-woke agendas!


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