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As time goes on more “experts” continue to weigh in on the dangers of booster shots. The thing is doctors seem to be incapable of identifying the prime mover of the situation itself: namely the immune system becoming totally incapacitated by the western medical mindset.

Nothing should be coursing through our veins other than healthy and natural blood. Many people are so hopelessly indoctrinated they will read this statement and physically not be able to accept it, but that does not necessarily mean they are beyond saving, only that they are simply victims of a low information mindset.

The human immune system is designed to function through localized processes after detecting ‘intruders’ usually in the mucus membranes like the eyes, nose, throat and mouth.

Vaccine injections on the other hand distribute attenuated viruses or viral genetic material directly into the bloodstream, where it is then distributed throughout the entire body, causing an extreme and unnatural immune response that dangerously impairs the human immune system over time.

The western medical mindset’s obsession with the fallacy of allopathic medicine is not in the business of curing people, but rather creating more lifelong customers.

Diabetes, for instance is treated by doctors with regular insulin injections instead of addiction counseling. Patients who are lucky enough to survive such barbarity then live their lives totally dependent on the western medical mindset of injections and dialysis rather than simply changing their dietary habits.

In much the same way, the western medical literature found that some people had extreme blood clotting in the initial studies of the experimental corona injections so they were immediately administered expensive blood anti-coagulation agents (blood thinners) and instructed to continue taking them to avoid sudden death.

Fast forward to the year 2022 when we have countless medical studies that have determined many people who are receiving booster shots have almost zero immune response to the actual virus upon being infected and after having had the injections, precisely for the reasons I’ve explained at length in these short form articles.

In a study performed in Israel, one of the most vaccinated places on earth, they were seeing people with 2 and 3 doses who had more than 7x less antibody response to a corona infection. 20% of individuals who were vaccinated still suffered from long term covid19 symptoms.

This information is not new. We have known about the impaired immune system by vaccines for over 3 decades, but the power and marketing of big pharma is so immense, so monstrous that many of us would remain in a simple denial rather than face a complex truth.

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