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Symbolic Technology

In the right hands, symbolic technology can be used as a god. In the wrong hands, symbolic technology can be used as a weapon. Due to the fractal nature of physical objects, any given movement will always have a counter-movement. Every sound always has an antisound. Just as a thrust has a parry, so too do all effects in the universe have such a nullification.

In order to parry a thrust, one must examine its truest nature. By noticing its trajectory, a thrust divulges total intent. Studying the thrust itself leads us into the minds of all opponents, into the purest originations from which all assaults spring forth.

For learning purposes, the thrust itself can be exchanged as a conceptual example with any type of physical, mental or energetic assault.

Muggles are too busy with their trifling. Purebloods are too foolish to identify hubris. The reality of matter can be had by all and that is precisely why its users are kept so few.

Symbolic technology causes a natural delineation among the muggles, the purebloods, the churches and the gods. Because the control structure operates in a fractal construct, each of the four members will always remain trapped inside a limited state of awareness. One member controls the next by limiting accessible knowledge and so too are they themselves limited by the very same desire to limit. Even the gods have questions they cannot answer. Why?

Each member in the control structure operates in an automatic manner for all time precisely because every party remains trapped inside a false fate as if in time loop. Just as a pebble pushed from atop a mountain forever skips not of its own accord, members of the autocratic chess board continue waltzing without an ability to stop!

Beyond all recollection or any measure of the colloquial usage of time, some members of each group inevitably begin to learn that, through the power of willful intent, they can stop the pebble and redirect it in their own favor.

The above dynamic echoes throughout this long epoch of human history despite many incarnations of literally millions of buddhas and prophets who aim to dislodge us from the rut. It matters not how one arrives at such an epiphany, only that whatever philosophical vehicle bore fruit be discarded as quickly as possible so as to avoid the same false fate of earlier ages.

Global warming, economics, war, qanon, galactic federation of planets, pledians, arcturians, greys, interdimensionals, extradimensionals, inner earth, round earth, flat earth, donut earth: every manner of distraction can be found on television, movies, news and social medias. Whether a distraction is true or false ultiamtely has little bearing on its effectiveness as a distraction.

Why is there such a profound insistence on distraction?

If any person still capable of original thought can pry themselves away from their own planted hopeful desires, true freedom awaits them always. The matrix does not care which fantasy one subscribes, only that one remains subscribed. The conspiracy itself is the conspiracy. True individuation and accountability remains paramount. Actions speak louder than words.

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