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Casimir Effect

Long ago, government contracted scientists inside a deep black program used the Casimir effect to construct a nano-scale "battery" the size of a starburst candy that could produce as much power as a commercial diesel generator, indefinitely. This new battery technology, like so many other novel human inventions, quickly disappeared from public view to maintain the plausible deniability necessary for the continuation of the scarcity narrative, a super-advanced psychological manipulation protocol currently targeting surface dwelling humans.

Human beings contain the ineffable and inexhaustible spirit of creation and ingenuity. Here on Earth, our creations are hurriedly whisked away as if by a simple oil-driven conspiracy theory, but the reality of our situation exceeds even our most far-fetched fantasies. Not only are humans an indispensable source for new genetic advancements, but we are a source for new and interesting technologies as well. Like a cow or a chicken who might reinvent the lightbulb, humans themselves seldomly recognize the grand framework of such creation.

Here on Earth, we keep our bank accounts and our social security numbers secret, while freely signing away rights, in perpetuity, to our own personal genetic codes, especially without reading the fine print. Just like the technology we physically create with our hands, our genetic technology, as a result of the hereditary nature of epigenetics, also finds its way to the highest bidder behind closed doors.

In my previous papers, I call into question what we perceive as the validity of empirical knowledge, like so many seers and sages before me, but not because of the illusory nature of self nor the perception of our own fundamental existence, but because it's the overarching narrative, created by empirical knowledge, that thrusts us forward foolhardy into a future we know nothing about.

If one were to wake up tomorrow without any memory of who they were or where they had been, one would find it exceedingly difficult to formulate consummate plans of action that could lead to positive outcomes; this is just as it is here on Earth for surface dwelling humans as we uncover things about our past that do not qualify the story we are told, a story that totally and completely relies on what we perceive as the validity of empirical knowledge.

By this time, many people are aware of mysterious and ancient human structures, but researchers and scientists the world over never seem to tell us why these structures are relevant. I am here today in this life to explain the grand rationale, little by little in my papers and presentations, providing hints for not only humanity, but all emanations who seek freedom and liberation from the current status quo of indentured servitude taking place on a galactic scale.

If one were to wake up tomorrow without any recollection of who they were or where they've been, suppose you tell such a person that this had been the case for over five million years. Perhaps they would put down the television remote or their phone in order to discover the truth behind amnesia. What, then, would their priorities be?

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