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Chronic illness and EMF poisoning

There are a few very subtle key physics principles represented here that I take advantage of when designing my very powerful EMF protection jewelry.

EMF poisoning can be a hard thing for people to learn about because of its seemingly invisible nature.

With my clients, I often share hard evidence from reputable and peer-reviewed medical journals about the very real consequences of EMF poisoning so that they will be intellectually equipped enough to change the nature of their decision making and habits.

There are many medical journals that connect nearly every chronic and terminal illness, even nutrient deficiencies, to EMF poisoning.

Everything from hair loss, depression and insomnia to bone, blood and brain cancer, even neurological and reproductive degeneration, children's leukemia, can all be attributed in some way to long-term EMF poisoning.

On the television or at the doctor's office, the relationship between sickness and EMF poisoning will seldomly be made, but the identification of the problem itself is one thing easily premised, while the cure itself can, in many cases, be even easier.

Modern humans have been taught to think of terminal cancer as a death sentence, but only because they are kept from knowing about deep biological and material scientific knowledge required to formulate proper treatments.

Fake medical interventionism, perpetrated by christian jewish white collar cartels, have been collecting donations and studying cancer for over five decades. Doctors and scientists, so called "experts", are not any closer to finding a "cure" because they are intentionally deluding you.

For thousands and even millions of years, human seers, shamans, curanderos and rishis provided the basis for a higher standard of living for all people and plants and animals, indeed, all emanations.

What the rishis do, by its very nature, cannot simply come from a book or a degree. We return to the land of the living, in order to share ancestral knowledge with anyone who wants more out of life.

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