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Depressed Users Targeted by Facebook

In yet another disturbing advertisement normalizing depression and anxiety, facebook now promotes ketamine, a horse tranquillizer, presumably to coffee and drug addicted liberal progressives.

Not long ago, progressive liberals denounced the usage of ivermectin, a horse dewormer, after facebook began advertising it to conservatives. This level of contradiction and hypocrisy illustrates the derangement of politically motivated mindsets and how they are mobilized by corporations.

Facebook continues to represent interests of the white racist western medical mindset by constantly normalizing depression and anxiety to millions of low information big pharma supporters.

In this most recent advertisement, facebook and NUE Life claim ketamine is “safe” and “clinically proven” similar to the fraudulent claims recently made by companies like pfizer and moderna.

Coincidently, after perusing the scientific medical journals, it appears that ketamine usage is responsible for liver and kidney damage just like the pfizer and moderna RNA injections.

Recently, the RNA injections have been under the microscope, as thousands of children and adults have died following the RNA injections due to liver and kidney failure, inflammation of the heart muscle and catastrophic thrombosis.

In one such occurrence, Jacob Clynick, a 13 year old Michigan boy, died in his sleep after receiving the RNA injection. 2 nights after his second dose, Jacob complained of a stomach ache before going to bed and never woke up. From the perspective of a child, liver and kidney failure as a result of the RNA vaccine from Moderna and Pfizer, could very well be perceived as a stomach ache. Preliminary autopsy reports indicate Jacob experienced severe heart inflammation before his death as a result of the RNA vaccine, indicated by the CDC warnings listed on their website.

CDC Warning about RNA Vaccines

As we can see here, the western mindset not only normalizes depression and anxiety, but vaccine and medication injury as well by promoting false assertions of “safe and clinically proven” in corporate advertisements.

In this most recent advertisement for ketamine, facebook and NU Life are specifically targeting people with anxiety and depression, similar to how facebook targeted conservatives with ivermectin. What the western medical mindset won’t tell you is that ketamine drug abuse is already rampant in the progressive liberal “burner” community which make them predisposed to accepting this form of treatment, just like ivermectin and propagandized conservatives.

Progressive liberal burners who abuse ketamine also abuse alcohol, coffee, caffeine, cigarettes, nitrous oxide “whipits”, cocaine, “molly”, “acid” and many other synthetic drugs and pharmaceuticals which all contribute to the depletion of vital nutrients and vitamins, ultimately leading to depression and anxiety. It is well known in the medical literature that caffeine abuse depletes the adrenal system which can also lead to depression and anxiety.

Rather than explain the nuances of drug abuse and depression to at risk communities like hippies, wooks, burners and festival goers, the western medical mindset normalizes further drug use to cope with psychological malformations literally caused by previous drug abuse.

Would you like to liberate yourself from the pangs of the western medical mindset? Would you like to address your depression and anxiety without endangering your kidneys and liver? Go to my website and sign up for an appointment to receive vital knowledge, information and advanced yogic techniques that will allow you to become free from substance abuse!

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