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Emotional People and Their Psychological Malformations

Low emotional maturity in people relies on a special cultivation of psychological malformations. For instance, it may be quite easy for someone to identify "systemic racism" as it's been taught to them, but actually very difficult for the same person to perceive the white subjugation of Africa as anything other than "economics". The process by which cognitive dissonance can promulgate such contradictions within an individual begins to illuminate the nature of emotions as they are used in emotional people.

Popular talking points that can be found on the corporate television are distilled into oversimplified bits of tangential trivia that never seem to be fully addressed in any significant way. Indeed, popular talking points like global warming and CO2 pollution, for example, rarely include plastic pollution or water table pollution when they are being presented to us by the corporate television. The reason for this misrepresentative portrayal to us by corporations centralizes on how populations are mobilized by corporate hegemonies.

Rather than reducing our reliance on urban sprawl, global warming alarmists are encouraged to purchase 10 million electric cars. Rather than identify the environmental degradation produced by fracking, supporters of big oil are forced to insulate their own economies from competition overseas. Each demographic, in the tapestry of psychological manipulation, has their own strong desires that are instilled in them through the consumption of advanced psychological propaganda regarded as simply "entertainment".

As each demographic builds up fear and doubt due to the carefully constructed scarcity mindset, the demographics themselves begin identifying each other as part of their respective problems, rather than identifying the prime movers of big business, big money and big government. In the age old tactic of divide and conquer, those who are divided and conquered never seem to be able to perceive exactly what occurs to them because false dichotomies keep them well insulated against working together.

In the above graphic of moral outrage, we notice the stark parsing of ideas in modern people as a necessary engine of their respective political mobilizations. Make no mistake, each of the desires taking place in extremist progressive and extremist republicans are carefully cultivated in them by advanced psychological propaganda beginning literally at birth. The resulting psychological malformations, propagated by apolitical investment firms like Blackrock and Vanguard, are heavily utilized in the continuation of corporate favoritism and profits over people.

"Professors Martin Gilens of Princeton University and Benjamin Page of Northwestern University looked at more than 20 years of data to answer a pretty simple question: Does the government represent the people?"

The answer was an overwhelming NO. "Their study took data from nearly 2,000 public-opinion surveys and compared what the people wanted to what the government actually did. What they found was extremely unsettling: The opinions of the bottom 90% of income earners in America have essentially no impact at all."

But people THINK they have an impact. HOW?

Psychological malformations serve a variety of uses including facilitating the false dichotomy, surreptitiously inculcating voters into thinking their votes matter, generating profits, and insulating the ultra rich 1% from droves of low-income, low-information, disgruntled peasants.

In fact, in states like California, where income inequality has reached unimaginable peaks, where the millions of homeless poor people are treated like animals, the psychological manipulation apparatus called "media and entertainment" is so finely tuned that the poor actually demand their guns to be taken away, coincidently insulating the rich from violent reprisals.

When we engage progressive liberal Californians with this information, we quickly see that they are totally incapable of the reasoning required to surmount propaganda instilled into them by corporations, by Gavin Newsom, by Nancy Pelosi and by Diane Feinstein. Now we have retuned back into the realm of cognitive dissonance, in which the people themselves are fighting against police brutality and yet also somehow feel police are the only ones who should have guns.

The meme above perfectly represents the psychology of progressive liberals in California who have been manipulated to rely on moral relativism and virtue signaling as a means to disarm themselves, endangering their precious lives to the whims of violent and amoral corporate oligarchies.

Similarly, in the fracking mindset, both democrats and republicans are fighting against fracking bans being proposed by governments, as a result of their desires to remain competitive in global markets, a mindset again reliant on the perception of manufactured scarcity. Much like how liberal disarmament exposes liberals to more police violence and murder, the perceived necessity of supporting fracking for some democrats and republicans exposes them to water contamination from destructive mining practices: a classic catch 22.

So how can we avoid being mobilized against our own interests?

A network of strong regional economies, in which products, goods and services are all contained therein, insulates people from market volatility. In the United States, because we have so much varied production and service industries, Americans often do not experience the full brunt of obviously orchestrated global recessions when compared to smaller countries with less diverse enterprises.

Stockton, California, for example, used to be one of the worlds leading asparagus producers and exporters until they were destroyed by NAFTA. As we can see in this ABC article, secretive trade agreements like NAFTA have gutted the regional industry in Stockton because California's booming economy poses a severe threat to globalist operations. Politicians like Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump both advocate for such trade deals and they are both representative of the economic hitmen syphoning wealth from undesirable demographics, like those present in Stockton, California.

The educational system, the television system, the entertainment system and the intricate system of political mobilization all influence the thoughts and actions of well-meaning Americans on both sides of the ideological aisle. Though they are often pitted against each other, progressive liberals and conservative republicans are actually one in the same: innocent, well-meaning people who are being viciously mobilized against their own interests by super advanced psychological propaganda. With articles like this one, and in many others, I am undoing the magic bewitching our people by documenting just how it all works. Some people may not be able to surmount the ideologies instilled in them by corporations, and that is okay, because my hope is that at least their children will have access to this information, so that they can start where their parents left off.

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