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Emotional People and Their Psychological Malformations

Low emotional maturity in people relies on a special cultivation of psychological malformations. For instance, it may be quite easy for someone to identify "systemic racism" as it's been taught to them, but actually very difficult for the same person to perceive the white subjugation of Africa as anything other than "economics". The process by which cognitive dissonance can promulgate such contradictions within an individual begins to illuminate the nature of emotions as they are used in emotional people.

Popular talking points that can be found on the corporate television are distilled into oversimplified bits of tangential trivia that never seem to be fully addressed in any significant way. Indeed, popular talking points like global warming and CO2 pollution, for example, rarely include plastic pollution or water table pollution when they are being presented to us by the corporate television. The reason for this misrepresentative portrayal to us by corporations centralizes on how populations are mobilized by corporate hegemonies.

Rather than reducing our reliance on urban sprawl, global warming alarmists are encouraged to purchase 10 million electric cars. Rather than identify the environmental degradation produced by fracking, supporters of big oil are forced to insulate their own economies from competition overseas. Each demographic, in the tapestry of psychological manipulation, has their own strong desires that are instilled in them through the consumption of advanced psychological propaganda regarded as simply "entertainment".

As each demographic builds up fear and doubt due to the carefully constructed scarcity mindset, the demographics themselves begin identifying each other as part of their respective problems, rather than identifying the prime movers of big business, big money and big government. In the age old tactic of divide and conquer, those who are divided and conquered never seem to be able to perceive exactly what occurs to them because false dichotomies keep them well insulated against working together.

In the above graphic of moral outrage, we notice the stark parsing of ideas in modern people as a necessary engine of their respective political mobilizations. Make no mistake, each of the desires taking place in extremist progressive and extremist republicans are carefully cultivated in them by advanced psychological propaganda beginning literally at birth. The resulting psychological malformations, propagated by apolitical investment firms like Blackrock and Vanguard, are heavily utilized in the continuation of corporate favoritism and profits over people.

"Professors Martin Gilens of Princeton University and Benjamin Page of Northwestern University looked at more than 20 years of data to answer a pretty simple question: Does the government represent the people?"