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God’s Gift: Natural Immunity

When our bodies come into contact with viruses, natural localized immune responses initiate in the immediate vicinity of affected tissue like in the nose or lungs due to inhalation. This is the natural way our immune system was designed to function by nature.

When we inject western vaccines into someone’s blood stream and diffuse attenuated viral genetic material throughout the entire arterial system, it initiates an extreme and unnatural emergency immune response that over taxes the immune system itself and even affects its ‘memory’ or its ability to fight off infections in the future.

Flu vaccines, because of how they work, elicit massive immune responses in the lung tissue which creates a build up of scar tissue over time producing symptoms of ‘bad allergies/hay fever’ or ‘asthma’ and many other bronchial disorders not commonly associated with vaccine injury.

The human immune system does not naturally cope with such heavy viral inundations in the bloodstream as we see in the western medical mindset usage of vaccines.

There are many publicly available medical studies that determined people who regularly get the flu vaccine, for instance, have a lower and lower immune response throughout their lives, culminating in commonly known extreme risk factors to the elderly presumably because it takes that long to seriously impair the immune system response in this manner.

The theoretical basis for what we see in Africa: AIDS and HIV like immune deficiency syndromes in people who are regularly diffusing attenuated viral material throughout their entire arterial system (vaccines) do seem to cause a weaker and weaker immune response in the population which inevitably necessitates more and more western medical intervention.

Fast forward to today; COVID-19 vaccines. In the publicly available medical literature, researchers determined that there are many 2-dose vaccinated patients who are suffering from over 7x less antibody response upon being infected by COVID-19 what they call ‘breakthrough’ infections. Impaired immune response from these new vaccines aligns with what we already know about how vaccines generally work. The vaccines themselves might employ this new RNA ‘technology’, but inundating the bloodstream itself has an obvious predictable effect.

Now let us extrapolate how peoples’ immune responses will continue to decline with the addition of more and more doses. If only 2 doses created 7x less antibody response to the virus itself in some people, it follows that more and more booster doses will continue to hinder the body’s natural immune response upon coming into contact with SARS-CoV-2, making them more and more dependent on western medical intervention (many people are already on their 4th dose).

On the white man’s television they will attempt to explain to us that we need their ‘medicine’ to be healthy, but that is only because few people are actually interested enough to examine the medical literature for themselves they would much rather have the white gatekeepers dictating their orders from a fallacy of appealing to authority.

Indeed, for countless generations and for many decades the white man has actually destroyed our natural immune response by manipulating us into thinking we need them. Take a look at present day Africa; they seem to be totally inept without western medical intervention AND THAT IS NO ACCIDENT. Modern day eugenics remains completely invisible to most people in the sense that they are able to recognize the racist and classist conduct, but have not yet been able to free themselves of the white man’s ‘medicine’: the very definition of cognitive dissonance.

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