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How to create your own destiny

Updated: Jul 12, 2022

As easily as we plan our day, we can plan our destiny. As easily as we make a decision, for instance, to walk across the room and open a window, we can walk across the room of our hearts and open ourselves to any possibility we desire.

Have you ever had a day coming up with great anticipation that ended up going wonderfully, just as you expected? Weddings are a good example. So much intention and focus goes into a perfect wedding and then the wedding comes and mostly goes according to plan and better: a series of perfectly planned and experienced moments.

Sometimes weddings don't go according to plan. Sometimes weddings can go terribly wrong even after someone spends hours and hours making sure everything will be perfect. Why?

Religion calls this the narrow path: a path of perfect harmony, a series of perfect moments, in which the slightest misstep can have dire consequences. It's like balancing a ball on a string: you are the ball and the string represents your conscious experience. The better someone gets at balancing the ball and walking the narrow path, the better and better their luck will appear to be by an observer.

As humans, we have the ability to make decisions about our day; therefore, we also have the ability to make decisions about our destiny. As easily as we would walk across the room to open a door, we make concrete decisions about our conscious experience.

Humans have various super advanced philosophical and spiritual teachings, like Hindu sutras, as a result of their hidden majestic lineage as Gods with amnesia.

"Like water off a duck" perfectly represents the ability of someone to keep control of their conscious experience even after encountering