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I'm fully vaccinated and boosted. Do I have AIDS?

Low-information humans are cultivated like cash crops here on Earth, and they are used expressly as expendable objects, raw materials, regardless of their ultimate allegiance to the machine. Some people call it Stockholm's syndrome, but the psychosis reaches far deeper than such a surface level identification.

All around us we see the hallmarks of the human condition, perpetrated by the so called 1%, and yet people continue voting and protesting as if it accomplishes what they set out to do, when obviously it does not. Why?

Various forms of chemical (1) lobotomies have taken their toll (2) on the cognitive (3) abilities of surface dwelling humans, while they themselves are advocating (4) for such advents, most famously, vaccines.

In the most recent onslaught (5), multiple verifiable and peer-reviewed sources determined the destructive effects of never-before-tested mRNA vaccines, identifying the form and function that literally could only be a result of its specific design; that is how determinate genetic technology works, it must be specifically designed to carry out certain tasks, just like any other modern machine.

Way back in July of 2021, Israeli researches found that people who received multiple Covid mRNA booster injections had a 7x lower immune response to Covid (6) upon being infected by a "breakthrough infection", very similar to AIDS. Of course, the western medical mindset was quick to inform us that vaccine recipients are not suffering from HIV AIDS caused by the injections. (7)