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Operation Mexican Beer Illness

And the solution to suffering


During this time of accelerated conscious awareness extending through the entire human race and all life, certain heavily invested global interests attempt to manage the shift in consensus reality. By weakening humans on a genetic level, intergenerationally, global hegemonies hope to capitalize on ignorance to maintain control.

In a futile effort, haphazard nesting dolls of operators began singing (sinning) in unison, like a well performed choir, playing their parts at the perfect time, portraying a very careful confusion like a delicate waltz.


Access to a comprehensive documentation of certain events will negate many ill effects of psychological inundation from television, media and social media, by furnishing the thinker with a more objective view of reality and the self-confidence that follows.


Many people need to be quickly brought up to speed so they can begin acting out their moves and countermoves, or else risk continue being moved on themselves.

By disengaging with the television, media and social media, the thinker has much more time to investigate the world's mysteries, along with their own health and happiness. By disengaging from the fear driven scarcity complex of current events, the thinker has access to a far more pleasant and harmonious existence from a more objective viewpoint.

As each one of us begins to take back our conscious intent, while learning about the secrets of the universe and applying them toward the positive betterment of our own lives, the confines of limited thought forms presented by monolithic control structures breaks down into nothingness because knowledge is power.


Ignorance of self, ignorance of nature, ignorance of who controls the military industrial banking mindsets; ignorance of these aspects of ourselves leads the thinker toward despair, hopelessness and sorrow, as the true intent of such a contention sows deferral of responsibility because of confusion.

Knowledge of self, knowledge of nature and how it relates to self, knowledge of the individuals who control the military industrial banking mindsets; knowledge of these aspects of ourselves leads the thinker toward freedom, emotional maturity and autonomy. Because a strong will, well endowed with self-confidence from being well-read, leads the way in personal decision making, the outward life of such a thinker will quickly begin to resemble the self mastery taking place within the thinker themselves.


Rather than wait for the government to regulate plastic pollution, for example, simply do your best to stop buying plastic. Rather than wait for the government to regulate the environment, find ways to drive less and emancipate yourself from the consumer mindset. Rather than wait for the government to regulate love and happiness, take responsibility into your own hands and begin to change the world.

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