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What we know so far

Updated: Oct 10, 2022

Rapidly evolving informational resources of the genetically engineered bioweapon called Sars-Covid-2

Once again, the western medical mindset is only now just figuring out what I knew in early 2021.

Because of the transcription errors in the mRNA encoding process, innumerable spike protein variations are also produced inside the body of Covid injection recipients, directly contributing to the high rate of Covid variants being seen in the news.

The media and white doctors of both Christian and Jewish descent are attempting to explain to us that the unvaccinated are producing Covid variants, but, as we can see from the evidence documented in their own medical literature, it is actually the vaccine recipients, and, in particular, the multiple booster recipients, who are directly responsible for producing Covid variants inside of their own bodies and then infecting innocent people without either party's knowledge.

Now, because of recent medical studies, we see that the breast milk of vaccinated mothers literally contains Covid injection mRNA information packets that cause the body to produce erroneous full-length spike proteins, something that white doctors said was impossible due to their lies concerning the supposed short life-span of the mRNA information packets inside injection recipients.

Thanks to the ruling class' own doctors and scientists, we now also know that mothers who are producing breast milk for their babies are producing discolored milk of blue color and blue-green color, most likely being representative of the dirty genetics that result from under-developed, unstudied Covid mRNA injections and their direct effects on human genetics.

In the medical literature, the white industrial mindset continues to assure us that no serious adverse effects have been reported in newborn babies being breastfed by vaccinated mothers, while saying in the same sentence that these babies are experiencing fevers, rashes and even diarrhea, as the children's bodies are desperately attempting to vacate foreign and weaponized genetic material from their tiny developing bodies, as the babies themselves are experiencing autoimmune disorders as a result of Covid vaccine mRNA genetic material.

Apparently, the western medical mindset does not see a problem with violent diarrhea in small newborns of vaccinated mothers, even though newborns are well known to be acutely susceptible to dangerous levels of dehydration when experiencing diarrhea. Once again, we are met with the contention that these doctors, who are considered experts, must either be that stupid and incompetent or knowingly culpable in the subversion of critical medical information from the public.

Thankfully, for anyone still capable of original thought, I have developed special technologies, based on simple and legitimate physics and biochemistry principles, to safely dissolve the foreign and weaponized genetic material within the bodies of Covid vaccine recipients.

The techniques I developed early in 2020 are also now just being broached by the medical institutions around the world, but they do not use these techniques for ailing vaccine recipients, only for those who are infected by the genetically modified bioweapon known as Sars-Covid-2.

Additional theaters of operation have not yet occurred in the minds of these westernized doctors, but I can say, with a respectable level of personal experience, that these techniques can and will work on any type of genetically modified bioweapon being produced in the white Christian Jewish controlled biolabs found all over the world; including China, Ukraine, Africa, Brazil and any other manufacturing facilities currently known or unknown to the general public.

If you are reading this message and thinking to yourself that this all sounds like some bad movie, you would be correct, due to the careful and clinical obfuscation of reality being perpetrated by the media, scholastic and scientific institutions at large.

Contradictions fostered in the publicly available general consensus of "experts" serve only one purpose: the disenfranchisement of well-meaning and innocent people resulting in confusion and a deferral to the non-existent authority in the fascist, authoritarian violence we see surrounding commonly accepted treatment protocols of Covid-19.

Not only have I easily documented this hidden information to furnish the minds of readers with the proper citations required to make informed decisions, not only have I provided free and viable approaches not available inside the westernized industrial mindset, but I have also developed methods and protocols to totally and safely dissolve unnatural attacks being set forth against us, for the betterment of all life, children, plants, animals, the environment and even rocks.

Note from the author: I am from the Native American tribe called the Miakan of South Texas. My people have lived in the Rio Grande valley for over 20,000 years, interacting with various genetics as a result of Pan American history.

By my family, I am regarded as a “curandero”, a type of healing shaman with innate knowledge beyond the scope of my physical experience. The true origin of this expertise has nothing to do with what I’ve physically and personally experienced in this life, or even anything to do with who I am as a person, but more to do with the ancient memories and information encoded in my DNA that colors my personality and desires.

In this ancient shamanic tradition, my people will say this knowledge comes from the totem animals, from visions, from spirits and from our ancestors and all of these assertions are correct because they are all interacting with my DNA and what the western scientific mindset calls “hereditary epigenetics”.

As a result of my diverse genetic lineage, I contain various “memories” or “epigenetic traits” from “Black Native American Indians”, from “White Native American Indians”, from “Red Native American Indians”, from “Asian Native American Indians”, from “Inuit Native American Indians”.

Having access to this type of epigenetic information contained within my DNA provides me with intuition and connate wisdom about ancient global symbols, biology, astrology, chemistry, physics, astronomy that literally feel like memories to me. This is how and why I have compiled such information, so that our people will once again have access to a very important aspect of ourselves and identities as divine, willful beings.

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